August 28

With mattress cleaning, you can be free of dust mites

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which is why mattress cleaning is so important. Most people reading this article have a mattress, have used mattresses all their lives, and have never heard of cleaning. Well, my friend, mattress cleaning is a real job, and regular cleaning is a health issue.

Our bodies eject millions of dead skin cells, which are food for dust mites. Without professional cleaning, these dust mites can cause all kinds of allergic reactions and breathing problems.

Supportive cleaning goes beyond health. In addition, the mattress stays fresher longer and is a great way to protect your investment. With the high cost of a quality mattress, mattress cleaning is only a small part of it.

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Common symptoms of dust mite exposure

Have you ever suffered from the following symptoms?

– Depression

– Irritated skin

– Constipation

– Sneezing

– Swollen, discolored eyelids

– Watery eyes

– Constricted airways and a “tight” chest

– Dry cough

– Lethargy

– Fatigue

Many of the above symptoms are caused by the number one indoor air pollutant, dust mites.

Other, more serious effects include:

– Asthma.

– rhinitis

– Eczema

– dermatitis

– Sinus infections

– bronchitis

Children under five years of age and infants are the most sensitive. The allergens in dust mite feces are the strongest.

Could lack of cleaning be the cause of your breathing problems?

Yes, a good mattress cleaning reduces the population of most mattress-dwelling microorganisms and improves your sleep health.

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Since most people sleep with sheets on their mattress, it may not even occur to them that their mattress needs cleaning. However, thanks to mattress cleaning, many people can enjoy a better night’s sleep without fear of allergies or asthma. For those who suffer from breathing problems at night, allergy cleaning may be the answer to their prayers.

If they have never cleaned their mattress before, they may not even know why they are having trouble sleeping. Dust mites, invisible parasites in the spider family, are most likely the problem. They can usually be found on mattresses because they feed on dead skin.

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Importance of Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning is so important because dust mites can cause serious problems for people with allergies and asthma. The droppings or dead bodies of mites are known to cause serious and potentially dangerous reactions. Allergy cleansing eliminates both of these elements and makes it easier to breathe at night.

Even people without asthma can benefit from mattress cleaning. Homeowners have found that they react to mites on their skin, even if it does not affect their breathing. Mite bodies can cause itching, redness, and general irritation if left in bed without proper cleaning.

If you use a mattress cleaning service, most people can sleep through the night without waking up to itchy skin or an allergic or asthmatic reaction. Just because someone doesn’t see dust mites on their mattress doesn’t mean they don’t live there and cause serious health problems. Anyone experiencing breathing problems while sleeping should check the possibility that there are dust mites in their mattress.

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