October 24

What Are The Right Steps To Follow To Do Summer Workout


With summer comes a new set of obstacles when it comes to keeping up with your workout routine. The heat and humidity in Singapore make the gym unbearable from 10 am-2 pm, which is when most people have their workouts scheduled.

Follow these tips to help you get through the searing weather this season!

1) Bring A Bottle Of Water

Many gyms nowadays have a water cooler or two. Grab a bottle from there, and drink up! Hydrating is essential because it prevents dehydration from sweating buckets, which will make you feel terrible no matter how good your workout routine is. Bottled water isn’t exactly cheap but hey, at least it’s not as expensive as a hospital trip! You can check this labeled bottled water in this regard.

2) Keep Your Body Hydrated

It’s no secret that good hydration is good for you. But what many people forget is that hydrating is important even when not sweating buckets like an animal in the gym (or when it’s sweltering outside).

It helps flush out toxins in your body, preserves muscle mass, and of course, helps you feel better all day long.

3) Pullup Bar

If you have a pullup bar at home, you can do pullups as your first exercise. You can also buy one from the store if you want to save time and effort of making it yourself. If not, don’t worry.

You can improvise with an ordinary chair or doorway by placing a heavy object on top to prevent it from moving. During summer, we sweat a lot and it can hinder our workout at home during the summer season.

Therefore, you should consider the installation of ducted air conditioning Sydney at home to maintain optimum ambiance for a regular workout.

Let’s say you want to work out your legs. You can do jumping jacks or running in place as a temporary solution to work out your legs without going down the stairs.

If you have dumbbells, do some dumbbell exercises at home, such as bicep curls and lateral raises with dumbbells of different weights.

4) Take The Stairs

Stair climbing is a fantastic cardiovascular exercise, it’s an excellent way to burn calories without feeling like you’re doing cardio on some cross-country track with no end in sight!

It’s easy on the joints, requires little to no equipment, and who knows you might just be able to sweat out some of those toxins I was talking about earlier.

5) Skip Your Final Weigh-In

This is also a cardio exercise! If you have somewhere important to go after the gym, don’t plan on having that final weigh-in.

Staying on the scale for too long after a workout can cause dehydration, which leads to feeling terrible and can mess up your weight loss progress by messing with the amount of water in your body.

6) Wash Your Clothes After Every Use

Sweat and heat lead to a bad smell Once you’ve done your workout, don’t wait till the next day to replace your clothes. You’ll never want to put them back on if you’ve sweated in them even once!

7) Bring Gym Towel To Home

Many people make the mistake of using a gym towel to wipe themselves down after a workout and then returning it to the shelf at the gym for someone else to use.

Not only is this rude in my opinion, but it will also give others a chance to sweat in your towel too! I usually bring a towel from home that could be used for wiping off sweat at the gym, and then a smaller towel for the shower.

8) Wrap Your Workout Clothes In A Towel

If you must use the gym’s showers, try wrapping your sweaty clothes in a towel while you shower.

This will keep them away from all the moisture and soap/shampoo residue that might be on the floor of the shower, or worse, transfer the smell of your clothes onto all your gym clothes!

9) Use Antiperspirant

This tip especially applies to those who go to the gym often, and also apply deodorant regularly. If you’re one of those people, you should know that many anti-antiperspirants will clog your pores, which can lead to more sweat.

In order to avoid this, apply a non-anti-antiperspirant/deodorant gel before your shower, and then put on the real stuff after you pat yourself dry!

During the summer season, it is a good idea to do a workout in a cool and air-conditioned room. You can start doing a workout at home by turning on ducted air conditioning Sydney at home. It will help in maintaining optimum ambiance in your home.

10) Keep Your Workout Clothes In A Ziplock Bag

If you bring your sweaty clothes home with you after a workout, don’t let them hang out in your sports bag! Put them in a Ziplock bag with all the air pushed out to prevent the smell from spreading.



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