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VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting | Know Everything


When we create any website or block, then all its content like Html, Javascript, CSS, images, videos, pages, files, etc. is stored in the server so that other people can access or use it through the internet from any place.

What Is Web Hosting –

Websites are hosted or stored on a very special type of computer, which we call a server, whenever an internet user wants to view your website, type the domain name of your website in the browser, then the server computer will connect with its server, after that your website will be connected to its server. will open in a browser. It takes a few moments to process this much, to host any website, we need a powerful server that should be connected to the internet for 24 hours so that your user can easily visit your website without any problem or hassle. be able to.

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We cannot maintain this type of server ourselves, so we resort to web hosting companies so that we can host our website without any problem, these web hosting companies have their own powerful servers, best technology and There are expert technical staff. Hosting companies provide us their services on a monthly and yearly basis, which service we can buy at a reasonable price and many times Blogging only for Best free web hosting for blog and WordPress website in 2021 can get complete information. Our website is hosted on their servers.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated  Hosting
  • VPS  Hosting
  • Cloud  Hosting

There are mainly 4 types of hosting, out of which we will talk about some important 2 hostings VPS vs Dedicated Hosting.

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What is VPS Hosting –

We also call Vps virtual private server. VPS is a virtual machine. Where you get to use the computer virtually. Which is controlled by the cloud. Works on VPS Virtualization technology. VPS is available in the cloud, which is provided by web hosting companies. VPS can also be used as a dedicated server. VPS lets us create a private server of our own, which we can also use as a dedicated server. VPS is installed on a strong physical server. We use VPS to run our own operating system. In this, we get a dedicated ram, hard disk, processor. Just like we get when buying a new computer system. It works on cloud-based technology.

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We can also call Vps a very secure server. Because in this we also get our own IP address. As I told it is like an operating system. So you can also run the operating system. It is like a virtual machine. VPS is part of a virtual server that is built on virtualization technology. If we talk in easy language, then this is a virtual machine that is sold as web hosting. In VPS, you can get it run on any operating system of your choice. You can install any of your software in it. Here in the same server, there virtually is more than one server. Due to this, we get complete control of it. VPS is a very expensive service.

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How to work VPS –

In VPS hosting, your server is a separate one where only you can use the resources for yourself. Here, for your use, out of a large server, small server space is created virtually. When you host your website in VPS, then you get high security and high and powerful computing here. When you buy a VPS server, then you get a kind of cloud computing on it. In which you have ram, hard disk, CPU, graphic card, network card, all the things are present in a virtual way which you cannot see but with the help of your computer, you can use it.

  • In the VPS plan, you should check that you should get at least 2 core CPUs so that the speed of your virtual computer is good.
  • You can check the disk space type of your plan whether it is SSD or not. You will always get pure SSD disk space in the VPS plan.
  • You must take at least 2GB of RAM in your plan so that your performance remains good.
  • You should always take a bandwidth of at least one TB in your VPS plan so that your website does not slow down when it gets more visitors.
  • Once you check in your VPS plan how many domains are being available in your plan. And how many IP addresses are you getting in that. These are the basic requirements of your plan.
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Dedicated Hosting –

On this server you are the only website host, in this, you have full rights over the entire server, but it is quite expensive as compared to other hosting because your website is hosted on the whole server, you can change its operating system and other settings. can

Dedicated Hosting also has the advantage that no matter how much traffic comes to the website, it can handle it, it will not let your website down. It increases the speed and performance of your website.

1. Good Performance-

In Dedicated Hosting, you are given a complete server to host the website, which hosts your website, in you get a lot of resources and the highest level of privacy, you can set up your server according to your own. That’s why you get great performance in Dedicated Hosting

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2. Great Security –

Friends, you get a high level of security in Dedicated Hosting because no one else’s website is hosted on your server other than your website, due to which your site is not infected by any other website. In simple words, the risk of any kind of malware coming to your site from any other website ends. In a way, you are the owner of a Dedicated Hosting Server, then you can install security tools like Antivirus, Firewall, etc. on your server.

3. Full Controls –

In dedicated web hosting, you are given complete control of that server, this means that you can install and uninstall any software you want on that server. Which website or blog can be created, as well as you can change or reduce the resource on the server whenever you want, along with this you can also customize the server according to your mind whenever you want.

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