January 25

Using Tadalafil To Work Through The Issue Of Erectile Dysfunction


The condition of erectile dysfunction is something that is far from abnormal and is, in fact, very wide spread amongst men of a certain age range. Its cause can either be rooted in physical or psychological causes and results in the inability to be able to not only get an erection in the first place but to be able to sustain one. If this is something that you have started to experience, then you should talk with your doctor, who will talk to you about some of the options available for ED treatment.

Do specific sex positions help?

The key to having a strong erection is to ensure that you get enough blood supply to your penis. There are no actual scientific studies that show or even suggest that one sex poisition is better for erectile dysfunction than what any other one is. However, common sense would suggest that a sex position that requires the use of lots of muscles and is highly acrobatic would use up lots of blood, thus divertiong it away from your penis, meaning an erection is hard to get.

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For erectile dysfunction, doctors usually suggest having sex in a position where the woman is on top of the man. The latest scientific studies though, that measured blood flow to the penis whilst engaging in certain sex positions, failed to indetify a position where the woman is on top as being beneficial for the purpose of erectile dysfunction.

What is actually more important than the position is your attitude towards sex. You need to get past the idea that sexual intercourse is a performance and instead focus on the intimacy and desire aspects of it. After doing that, you will find that the sex position that you choose is not of much importance after all.

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Things you can do to improve the situation

Typically where erectile dysfunction is involved, common sense prevails. The best thing to do is to find a sex position that works for both yourself and your partner. Other things that you can do include:

  • Not drinking too much alcohol – whilst a small amount of alcohol can relax you and help to get you into the mood for sex, which can be good for those men who suffer with erectile dysfunction; too much of it can actually make the issue worse. Similarly, you should try and avoid drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette before engaging in sexual intercourse, as these each contain chemicals that constrict your blood vessels.
  • Making yourself comfortable – if you are unable to get comfortable in bed, perhaps because your room is too cold, then it can be more difficult to get and keep a strong erection. To counter this, you should have a nice hot bath or shower before getting into bed, as not only will it work to make you more relaxed but it will also get the blood flowing around all of your body much better.
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When it comes to erectile dysfunction and the things that you can do to work through it, there is no one best answer as to what you should do to combat the issue. Everything should always be considered on an individual basis.


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