November 23

The Easiest Methods Of Extending A Laptop’s Charge




How To Get More Out Of Your Laptop Battery


There was a time when people thought that laptops would be nothing more than a temporary fad, but more people than ever before are relying on laptops to get their work done, as well as to use as their source of entertainment. Laptops come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, weights – some are designed for video gaming, while others are a better choice for gaming.


All laptops rely on battery power when they are not directly plugged into a wall socket. For many people, having as many hours as possible out of their laptops is vital, especially if they have strict deadlines to meet. Thankfully, there are plenty of simple methods a laptop owner can employ to get even more time out of their device’s battery.

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Background Software


Most business and home laptops will not tend to come with a dedicated graphics processing unit. But they will all have a CPU, which is the part of the computer that the majority of the necessary calculations. And every time it does one of these calculations, it requires a bit of energy from the battery. What this means for the user is that having a lot of software running at the same time will drain the battery faster.


Background software is one of the biggest concerns, with antivirus suites being one of the most prevalent. Modern operating systems, such as Windows 10 or Windows 11 already have antivirus software built right in, so it’s not necessary at all to have third party software like this installed. Take a look at the task manager to see what uses most of the CPU and whether it can be uninstalled without causing any issues.

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It’s an easy thing to miss and a lot of people don’t even consider it, but heat can make a substantial difference to the amount of time that a battery has to offer. In a hotter environment, the CPU needs to work that much harder to do its calculations, meaning that it needs to draw more power. This creates something of a loop, where the CPU needs more energy, makes more heat, and then pulls even more energy to keep running optimally.


Heat also interferes with the chemistry of the laptop, making it lost charge at a faster rate. At the end of the day, it’s good practise to try and keep laptops away from heat, such as direct sunlight. If ambient heat is a problem, investing in a quality cooling pad can often make a big difference, whether doing 3D work, playing video games, or enjoying a few games of live casino roulette online.

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Turn Down The Performance


Windows users might or might not be aware that the operating system allows you to adjust the laptop’s performance. Lowering the performance to battery saver mode will automatically make the necessary changes to try and get as much out of the battery as possible. If at least some of your work can be done offline, consider turning on airplane mode to save even more battery.



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