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The Benefits of an Online Master’s in Public Safety 


Whether you already have a degree and you are looking for further education, or you are looking to make yourself more employable in a certain field, it is never a bad idea to think about pursuing an online master’s degree in public safety. If you have a master’s, then you will be able to stand out from the crowd, whether or not you want to be a leader in research or in the field of creating policy. This is especially true when considering something like public safety, specifically in the Canadian context.

If you want to learn more, then it is definitely recommended to read the complete guide that has been created for you below. This guide will not only outline the benefits of a public safety degree in person but will also explain why it might be a good idea to join the thousands of people currently studying online master’s degrees as well. Read on now to get the complete overview. 

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Understand the Many Different Issues Facing Canadians Today 

If you are interested in the types of problems that exist in modern society, especially as the world seems to get more interconnected and more complex, then an online master’s degree in public safety is a wonderful place to start. The types of issues that you might expect to learn about include the coronavirus pandemic, border safety, public unrest, virtual hacks, natural disasters, intelligence warfare, national security, emergency management, and many more.  

Increase Your Employability 

One of the main drives for anyone who gets a master’s is to be able to increase their employability. The good news is that if you do decide to go for this type of higher education, you will find that your chances of being employed will go up by over 19%, making it definitely worth it. This is especially true if you want to live in a city that is currently experiencing a significant increase in rental prices, such as Vancouver or Toronto. 


If you are interested in actually going ahead and pursuing a master’s in public safety, you will be pleased to know that there are actually a whole host of options to choose from. Take a look around to find a public safety degree that will suit your purposes, and you will be sure to find one that will make you happy today.

Find a Diverse Amount of Roles  

One of the amazing perks of an online master’s degree in public safety is that it is not a role-specific degree. This means that if you do decide to go down this path, you will find a whole host of different roles that you can go into. The types of jobs that you could find with a master’s degree in public safety include, but are not limited to: 

  • Chief security officer 
  • Emergency medical technical 
  • Police officer 
  • Policy analyst 
  • Emergency management director 
  • Security guard 
  • Dispatcher 
  • Correctional officer 
  • Community service worker 
  • Health and safety specialist 
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It is definitely worth pointing out that you don’t necessarily need this degree to go into some of these jobs. However, an online master’s degree will help you better both with your understanding of how these roles operate as well as give you a better chance of actually landing a role if you apply for these positions. This is especially true as many of these jobs do feature a high level of competition, with many applicants applying for just one or two roles within a certain company. 

The Benefits of Pursuing a Master’s Online 

The previous section of this article was dedicated to explaining the reasons why you might want to pursue an online master’s in public safety. Now it is worth exploring why it might be a better idea to actually explore the benefits of pursuing an online master’s degree as opposed to one in person. In the subsequent sections, you can read three key reasons why an online master’s can be a brilliant idea. 

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Cheaper Than In-Person Degrees

While not as bad as in the USA, there is still a significant amount of student debt in Canada. As a result of this fact, especially for people studying at in-person institutions, many people decide that higher education isn’t for them. Nonetheless, there is still a good alternative to make sure that your degree is affordable, and that is by pursuing it online instead, the likes of which are almost always cheaper to purchase. 

Flexibility Around Your Schedule 

You might want to do an online degree, but you are wondering whether or not it is actually the right choice for you. One point for you to bear in mind is that while an in-person degree will probably require you to attend in-person, especially as a mostly successful vaccination campaign means that this is now possible again, an online degree can be completed from the comfort of your own home. This means that you will have far more flexibility around your own schedule as a result, whether it’s looking after your children or balancing another job. 

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Fewer Costs in General 

Another great benefit of doing an online master’s in public safety is the fact that there are a whole host of costs that you would have to pay if you were doing the degree in person that you won’t need to pay for by doing an online degree. For example, you can save on commuting costs as well as costs involved with paying for lunch when you are there and accommodation costs, meaning more money in your back pocket at the end of each and every day. 


It has been the aim of this guide to explore the many different benefits that are involved with pursuing an online master’s in public safety. You should now understand that not only is it a degree definitely worth pursuing, but one that you can easily achieve in the online sphere. If you are interested in the topic but haven’t decided to take that final plunge yet, feel free to revisit this guide any time in the future. 



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