February 15

The 13 Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing That Demand Your Attention


We are living in a world driven by video. Content marketers are rapidly transitioning to video marketing for better ROI, from webinars and YouTube videos to live streaming and Instagram stories.


Unlike the past, where video creation required budgets worth several thousand dollars, it has now become extremely easy to produce videos, that too, at one-third the cost!  With a video maker, you can easily create videos that look professional for your business without any technical knowledge.


Whether a small business or a large enterprise, video marketing offers several benefits. Here are 13 benefits of using video marketing that demand instant attention.

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  1. Videos are popular

Videos are the most effective way of storytelling. As per a study by Hootsuite, 51.7% of Internet users globally use the Internet to watch TV shows, videos, and movies. On the other hand, 86% of consumers said they’d love to watch more videos from brands.


With the above numbers, it’s clear that using a video on your website/social media can help you grab attention instantly! They can even be used on your landing page to persuade customers.


Videos can range from a simple animation of your brand story made by an animation video maker, a high-quality product video, or an interview with the team members; basically, anything that makes the customer relationship with the brand in just a few minutes!

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With different online video makers in the market, creating video content for your website or social media has become extremely easy.


  1. The algorithms love videos.

This is probably one of the major reasons why so many brands are bullish on video marketing. Unlike static graphics & carousels, the engagement for video content – both long and short, is relatively high.


As per ‘MartechAdvisor’, video content generates 1200% more shares than a simple image or text.


These platforms aggressively push video content to users, increasing engagement and making them spend more time with their apps. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with over 1 billion hours of video streaming daily. On the other hand, Instagram and TikTok focus on short-form content to grab viewer’s attention.

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  1. Videos have a low barrier to entry.

Many small businesses think that the cost of producing videos is exponentially high and unaffordable. But as we’ve seen with a few brands, the impact of a video marketing campaign has more to do with storytelling than production quality.


You don’t have to be a filmmaker to create amazing videos. Using video makers like InVideo can help you create short, shareable clips for social media instantly.


  1. Videos help build brand connections.

Develop deeper connections with your target audience by using videos. Showing authentic imagery related to your product and the problem it solves will help you convert and sell more. Customers only trust what they see and feel. Video allows you to control the tone and voice of your message, enabling the customer to relate to your brand.

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  1. Videos help you sell

As per research, 98% of Internet users globally use videos to understand a particular product/service. You can use an explainer video to talk about your product and address their pains in a fun, engaging manner.


Since clients understand explainers better, using videos in your marketing strategy is wise.


  1. Videos boost SEO

Videos tend to rank higher in SEO results. By spending more time watching videos on a platform, the user indirectly influences the search engine ranking. Websites that effectively use videos will surely rank high in SEO. Studies show that people spend nearly twice as long on a webpage with a video than without it, drastically boosting optimization efforts.

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  1. Video marketing is pocket-friendly

There was a time when churning out video content was expensive. You needed heavy equipment to first record a good quality video, after which you had to pay for editing software and hire a good editor.


Not anymore. All you need is a good camera phone and a good video maker to start creating videos online.


  1. Videos generate organic traffic.

As per a study by the Aberdeen Group, videos generate 41% more organic traffic online. You can simply use the right keywords along with a catchy thumbnail and juicy headlines to bring more people to your website or landing page.

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  1. Videos have higher click-through-rates (CTR)

Click-through rate or CTR is an important metric for measuring online success. In simple terms, it analyses how many people click on your link/product after seeing an advertisement. As per studies by leading research firms, videos offer much better CTR than other formats.


  1. Videos bring customers

Imagine having a YouTube channel where you post short videos about your brand and products. Anyone watching videos here is already a potential lead as they’re interested in what you offer.


Now, if you paste a link in the description, you can redirect massive traffic to your website or landing page.

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  1. Videos boost conversions

Just bringing in traffic to your website is not enough. How do we make sure these visits convert into sales? The answer is simple – use video marketing. Adding videos to the product display pages can generate tangible results, with a conversion rate of over 150%.


  1. Create low-touch educational content for customers

You don’t need a 500-people team to create videos online. You can record videos, put them in a video-making tool, and add interesting elements. In addition to educating customers, low-touch educational content also helps your employees and team members.


  1. Videos make for great testimonials.

Business owners, especially small business owners, know how effective and important customer reviews and testimonials are. They also play a crucial role in influencing a buyer’s decisions. After all, nothing beats a video from someone who regularly uses your products.

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Final Thoughts

Video marketing is the future. Since more and more people prefer to watch videos online, video marketing offers a great opportunity for business owners. Video content can be your #1 weapon for accelerating growth if you add value.


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