April 30

Teaching Kids Family is Life Force of the Society


We all have read and listened in our life that human is a social animal. And have read a lot about society and how to be a positive part of society but doe we really know the real way to be a part of society or to make ourselves liable to be apart of society?

Humans have left improving themselves and just keep on living with no aims but they do have a lot of expectations from their children, The child is not even born yet and expectations are imposed on him/her. Family is the perfect training ground for the children to be trained. it is so because family is miniature of big picture of society.

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Today schools are also focused to raise the students as a responsible citizen so that kids should have knowledge of their responsibilities and they can contribute in the development of the society. For this learning management system of schools make necessary changes in their curriculum time to time. New learning management system is responsible for the positive changes in the children, otherwise earlier those kids who weren’t aware about ERP full form even now have all the details about it along with ERP full form.

As we all know that home is the first school for the students so if we want to make our kids well aware of rules to live in society with honour then it can be done easily by making family a miniature of society and make kids live in family how they should live in society. This will be a kind of rehearsal.

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Make kids follow you and the environment you have created in the home as miniature of society like make your child follow honesty and be honest with every family member. This practice of honesty will make a true honest person in social life also and he or she will practice honesty with everyone in the outer world too and will receive respect in return.

I fa kid sees that his parents and elders are practicing kindness and forgive those who commit wrong to them then it is sure and certain the without asking question to anybody in the family the kid will follow the same behaviour in family and when he or she will receive positive response against that behaviour then for sure he or she is going to behave kindly and with compassion in the society. For example, as we all know in society, kindness and compassion are respected a lot so if a child sees his father saying “ Forgiveness is not in my dictionary “then obviously he or she will never forgive anyone because the father says so.

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But on the contrary if the child sees the father stating “forgive you so that you can correct your mistake and can show mercy on someone else too”, now here the child learnt that, “what we give so shall we receive”. Following this the child will always be compassionate in society and will be treated as a respected human being.

With the help of family, a child learns that a good society is formed by the coming generations of good families and respect is not begged for, instead it is earned by being beneficial and good to the society. A good society is formed on the principles which run a good family; therefore, it is necessary to incorporate the principles in family which we want to see exhibited by our kids in society.

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Principles like faith, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, hard work, teamwork and cooperation are those principles which run a good family as well as run a good society. Kids behave how they see their elders in the family behaving, this is a common phenomenon so if they see that women are treated very respectfully in the family obviously, they will respect them in society as well and as more contribution they will do anything to protect them.

For example, if a kid sees that his or her father jumped into a fire where the family of the neighbor was stuck and was about to die and the father saves their lives by putting his life at stake then he or she learns the lesson that humanity should be put first and one should serve humanity selflessly.

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