January 17

Spectrum Convenient Home Phone Plans & Reliable Service


Spectrum Voice is one of the most influential and dependable home phone services available in the US. It allows the customers of Spectrum to stay in contact with loved ones with clear call and voice features. With Spectrum phone, there are no data constraints or limits as is often the case in other traditional phone service providers. Chat as much as you want without any worry. If you are looking for fantastic phone services, switch to Spectrum Voice for significant savings and exceptional service instead of paying the excessive costs, with spectrum net tvsetup, you get a mix of traditional phone’s dependability, combined with strong capabilities and many call features.


Different home phone options available with Spectrum

Voice + Spectrum Internet

  • Available at $62.98/mo.
  • When purchased together, you will avail download speeds of 200 Mbps are available for 12 months.
  • The speed depends on your location
  • Antivirus software is available for free.
  • There are no hidden costs or data limits.
  • Unlimited long-distance and local calling options, private listings, voicemails, and more


 Spectrum Triple Play Select

  • Available at $102.97/mo
  • 125+ TV channels for 12 months.
  • When purchased together, you will avail download speeds of 200 Mbps
  • The speed depends on your location.
  • Thousands of titles are available on demand.
  • With the Spectrum TV App Store, you can watch TV on the go.
  • With Spectrum DVR, you can record up to 780 hours of video.
  • Unlimited long-distance and local calling options, private listings, voicemails, and more


 Spectrum Triple Play Silver

  •  Available at $132.97/mo
  • More than 175 channels for 12 months when bundled*
  • Speeds of up to 200 Mbps are possible (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Calling within the United States is unlimited.
  • HBO MaxTM, SHOWTIME®, Nick Jr., and NFL Network are among the many available channels
  • HD video is available for free.
  • Thousands of titles are available on demand.
  • With the Spectrum TV® App Store, you can watch TV on the go.
  • With Spectrum DVR, you can record up to 780 hours of video.


Why should you opt for Spectrum voice?

Clients prefer Spectrum over the other internet, cable, and phone service providers for many reasons. A few of the reasons are:


Unlimited data

In this world of social networking apps, streaming options, and smartphone applications, unlimited data plans is essential. Regrettably, the mobile plans can be pretty heavy on the pocket. You’re lucky if you qualify for the option of Spectrum Mobile.


Spectrum’s $45 unlimited data plan is one of the most affordable on the market. With this plan, you get unlimited talk time and messages, genuinely unlimited data (no imposition of data caps), availability of hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots of fantastic speeds, free international calling and messaging to select locations, and access to mobile hotspot access are all included in this plan.


 Option to pay by the gig

If you buy toilet paper by the roll rather than in bulk quantities, Spectrum’s by-the-gig plan might be for you. You pay for the data that you use each month.


Customers who choose the by-the-gig plan from Spectrum Mobile pay $14 every month for unlimited messages and talk time. The first gigabit of data is also included in the plan. After that, each additional gigabyte will cost $14. This is ideal for people who consume 1–3 GB of internet data per month. Still, you’ll pay more for over 4 GB of data than you would in the case of an unlimited data plan!


Network coverage is excellent.

Spectrum Mobile does not possess its mobile network. Instead, it runs its mobile service using Verizon cell phone towers. Thus, there is never any lag, and the quality of the connection is excellent. Verizon’s phone network is the most robust in the country, with 4G LTE service even in remote areas.


Amazing perks

Many cheap and mobile network operators cut corners regarding incentives. Spectrum provides some decent extra benefits to its clients. The mobile hotspot data is one of the company’s most interesting benefits. Spectrum allows you to use up to 5 GB of mobile hotspot data at full speed. They will lower your hotspot speeds after 5GB, making it difficult to stream previous Community episodes or download extensive files.


You’ll also get:

  • 5G coverage
  • Spectrum’s Wi-Fi network
  • 2,000 free international calling minutes to Mexico and Canada.
  • Free international messaging from the US.



 Pitfalls of Spectrum phone services

You must be a current Spectrum home internet client to be eligible for the mobile service. Even if you meet the requirements, consider whether you are okay with the mobile plan linked to your home internet plan. If the internet service is canceled, but you decide to keep your mobile service, you’ll have to pay an additional $20 per line each month, and the Wi-Fi speeds will get limited to 5 Mbps.



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