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Sildenafil | Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Online


 Sildenafil Reviews & Ratings: The Helpful Blue Pill

You have decided to try the sildenafil pill which is a generic of Viagra to help you with your sexual problems. Well, sildenafil tablets have become an equally as popular treatment for erectile dysfunction as Viagra is. The truth is more men by the age of 50 are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) and studies conducted have shown that men as young as 30 can experience ED as well.

While ED has always been seen as a condition or somewhat of a problem related to your physical health, ED could also be caused due to stress. In fact, work-related stress has also been found to be a common cause of ED and there is no reason at all to feel ashamed for being a victim of this condition.

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Should you be choosing the generic sildenafil tablets as a form of treatment to treat ED, your most reliable source of research on this pill will come in the form of customer reviews and ratings written about this generic tablet.


How to Take the Sildenafil Pill

Since many of the reviews of the sildenafil blue pill are relatively positive, we don’t blame you for wanting to give this generic version a try.  If you are using this effective blue pill to treat ED, you must remember that you use it the same way as Viagra.

Take one pill with a sip of water when you anticipate sexual activity. There is no need for the sildenafil pill to be taken more regularly than Viagra for the pill to be effective. In fact, within an hour, you will be able to see the sildenafil pill work as. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that you will experience an erection within an hour of taking the sildenafil pill if no sexual stimulation occurs. For both Viagra and the sildenafil pill to have an effect, you have to be sexually stimulated.

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There are some noticeable differences in terms of the appearance of Viagra and the sildenafil pill. You will spot obvious differences in the shape and size of these pills.  This is the only difference you will notice. These are merely aesthetic and do not affect the effectiveness or safety of the medication.


How Do Sildenafil Generics Work?

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you should know that both sildenafil pills and Viagra contain the same core ingredient- sildenafil citrate. In terms of how the sildenafil pill works, the medication mimics the effects of Viagra due to having the exact same active ingredient as the branded version.  Both types of blue pills work by restricting the activity of the enzyme PDE5, which prevents the degradation of cGMP. In this way, both blue pills allow the penis muscles to relax and allows blood to flow to the penis causing an erection when sexual arousal occurs.

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What to Expect When You Buy the Sildenafil Pill Online?

Sildenafil reviews mention that this generic blue pill comes highly recommended. In fact, customers of the sildenafil pill are so content with the product that they have nothing negative to say about this generic pill. Customers are most impressed by the price tag that the generic carries. Almost all customers have given the sildenafil pill a five-star rating and they firmly stand their ground that they will recommend this generic to others.

When it comes to offering our customers a cheaper alternative, we have an extensive generic range, including Kamagra tablets and gels. We offer you choices in terms of whether you prefer consuming the active ingredient sildenafil in a tablet form or in a sachet form. Plus, we provide all the information that you need on the sildenafil blue pill so that you don’t need to conduct further research elsewhere.

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Viagra developed by Pfizer has gained the name, “the little blue pill,” since the pill is little, blue, and absolutely helpful in terms of assisting you to have an erection during sexual encounters.  When you purchase Viagra’s generic, the sildenafil pill, you are getting a potent blue pill that is just as useful in helping with erection problems.


Are The Side Effects the Same When Using the Generic?

It is not said that if you suffer from some of the mild side effects of Viagra, you will be better off taking the sildenafil pill. Both these medications have the same side effects. This is due to the fact that that both pills have the same active ingredient, sildenafil. Therefore, you cannot assume that the original blue pill is any better than the generic blue pill. Both pills work in the same way and thus, list the same list of mild side effects. Moreover, the side effects of sildenafil are temporary and mild in nature.

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Buy The Sildenafil Pill Online

A visit to the Kamagra site may set your mind at ease if it is your first time purchasing the sildenafil pill.  We live up to our title of being UK’s best vendor.  If you are looking to treat ED in particular, you are in luck as we have a range of generic pills as well. If you are not still sold by the idea of using the sildenafil pill, you can check out the reviews of other generics such as the tadalafil pill or Vardenafil pill as well.

All in all, we have an easy and effortless process of ordering the sex drug of your choice for treating ED. We understand that it is less embarrassing to purchase the blue pill online than in person so simply begin by adding your desired sildenafil pill to your online cart. At checkout, we give you a list of preferable payment methods where you can choose the best method for you. A confirmation email secures your order. As you will read from other reviews, within 2 to 3 days, you will have your blue pill delivered to you.

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Save money, purchase easily and still remedy the ED problem that you are facing!






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