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Products that will upgrade your organizing skills


While walking in your living room, in most cases, you would see a research paper from your 8th grade or a pair of sunglasses that have already gone out of style. These items are not used at present; however, they are still roaming around your place. Because of this, your home becomes too crowded, making it non-conducive for work or even relaxation.

This is the essence of decluttering: to get rid of your old things so you could free up more space in your home, and you do not have to worry about sitting on stacks of dissertation papers. Toss these old things of yours into dumpster or visit this website if you don’t have one yet. This will be the easiest method to have a container for your waste. However, if you are very sentimental about old items and However, if you are very sentimental about old items and still want to keep them, we will introduce a product that will help you.

The power of portable file boxes

Portable file box is the solution to free some space in your crowded homes. Its capacity is not just limited to papers. Some boxes can also carry other items like unused bags or clothes, toys, etc. You can label these boxes so that you can easily access them if you want to have a trip down memory lane.

More so, these boxes are also known for the great convenience it gives to its users. Most boxes, while giving you enough room for storage, are compact. This means you can carry it anywhere you want. Some even have wheels to make transport easier. Below, we will be introducing Portable File Boxes, which you may consider having.

Jsungo Portable File Box with Handle

When it comes to storing files, this portable box is the best way to go. It is a Linen Storage that comes with a lid. You will get five hanging file folders, five plastic tabs, and changeable white inserts if you purchase one. It has a sturdy metal handle on the side so that you can carry it with ease. It comes in dark gray and gray colors as well!

The box measures 16.1’’x12’’x9.8″ exterior, while the interior measures 15.6’’x12.4’’x9.4″. It can store both short and long bond paper sizes. On top of that, it is collapsible. If you do not want to use the storage box anymore, you can fold it and keep it until the next use. This is a perfect safety keeping box for your papers.

Vaultz VZ01187 File Tote, Locking, Letter Size, Block/Chrome

This is another box for your files. However, this is not just your regular box. It comes with a double combination lock feature so that you can keep important and confidential files in this storage. It comes in two sizes, one for legal file dimension and the other for letters. It comes in a sleek black color.

The box also has a chrome label holder on the front, which is a perfect size for your business card to be inserted. It has internal rails provided, so you can separate and organize the files inside with ease. Furthermore, it has rubber feet to avoid dents and scratches on the lower part of the box during travels.

STORi Clear Plastic Hanging File Organizer with Handles

This storage box’s unique feature is probably that it is transparent from its body to its handle. This feature allows you to see clearly what you have stored inside, so you can get rid of putting on labels. It is perfect for those going for a minimalist look in their rooms, offices, or homes.

This file organizer is not just for holding papers but can be used as pantry bins or storage boxes for craft materials, office supplies, cosmetics, toys, etc. It measures 14’’x7,” which explains why it is very spacious and can accommodate a wide variety of items. This will surely add class and modernity to any room.

Birdrock Home Seagrass Rolling File Cabinet

Bohemian themed rooms have been in trend recently. If you are one of those people who wish to have their rooms an element of the bohemian theme, this storage box will be the perfect match for you. It is a hand-woven box that allows you to store not just files of both letter and legal dimensions but also toys, used clothes, figurines, etc.

It measures 17.5″ in width, 14.5″ in depth, and 13″ in height. It has a handle on the side, so you can carry it anywhere you want. More so, it also has four wheels attached on the bottom to make transport easier. Indeed, this beauty is not just for aesthetics but is also to save space in your room.

BirdBox Home Rolling File Cabinet with 1 Lateral Drawer

This storage box is a combination of a wood cabinet and a drawer made of linen material. Its sturdy top allows you to put figurines and charms to make your room visually appealing, while the drawer organizes your files. This storage box will also allow you to store other things than files; you can keep your used clothes, toys, office supplies, etc.

Attached to the bottom of the box are four wheels, which will enable you to transport it easily. However, it can also be detached if you feel like the wheel does not fit the vibe you are going for. Its interior is 15.5″ in length, 12.25″ in width, and 9.9” in height, the perfect size for you to store either legal or letter dimensioned documents.


There are really moments in life when you have already exerted your utmost effort to clean your room, but it still remains untidy in your eyes. This could be because you have too many things around your room. If you have this problem, consider buying a storage box that does not just serve its practical purpose but will also complete your room’s look.


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