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 A dissertation or a thesis is an extensive piece of work on an academic topic, based on authentic research by scholars. The dissertation usually relates to a PhD or a Master’s degree. Some universities assign dissertations to undergraduates too. It is certainly the longest marvel of academic work that any scholar works upon for the first time. Getting to know about the complex nature of dissertation work, it is quite challenging to choose a topic for the dissertation. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the most popular dissertation topics for accounting and finance.


Working on a dissertation in accounting and finance unequivocally offers a priceless learning experience to scholars. It exposes learners to the opportunity to combine technical accounting methods with real-time cases. However, to begin the writing process, it is immensely important for writers to have a clear understanding of finance and accounting. This lets the learners choose a topic relevant to their personal interests. This article deals with various dissertation topics in accounting and finance, to help learners complete their dissertation.

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Before moving to the topics for the dissertation in accounting and finance it is required to understand certain vital factors relevant to accounting and finance. While accounting deals with gathering valuable information that in turn helps businesspersons and investors in taking germane decisions. Finance is the professional concept which talks about the ways in which funds can be raised and invested. Having a rough idea of the difference between the two, further, the topics for the dissertation are discussed.

  The most favorite topics in accounting that are widely preferred by scholars are financial accounting, accounting information system, auditing, bookkeeping, tax accounting, e-accounting/online accounting, management accounting, money measurement, etc.

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Finance dissertation topics that are popularly opted by scholars are finance portfolios; capital investment, banking industry, microfinance, share prices, financial crisis, and financial planning. These are the most favorite topics of finance scholars for the dissertation.


Finance and accounting dissertation topics that can be opted by scholars are discussed below. Usually, a dissertation relevant to the current updates is highly impactful and impressive. It projects the writer as a vigilant and futuristic scholar. Scholars are supposed to try and maintain consistency throughout the research paper to make their work prodigious.

  1. Investigating the Meaning of and the linkage with language of Accounting: This topic is quite an innovative topic for dissertation. Accounting is a fundamental concept and requires master level skills in the language concerned. Various studies so far have proven that in the initial stages of education instruction in native language helps in developing better learning capabilities and sharpens individuals’ analytical brains.
  1. Analysing the importance of Financial Statements in Corporate Accounting: Financial statements are designed to satisfy the needs of a range of categories and are quite a substantial element in accounting and finance. They monotonously qualify as an excellent topic for dissertation.
  1. The practice of Societates Publicanorum and Stock Exchanges: Societates Publicanorum an ancient roman practice of stock trading exposes the prevalence of stock trading in pre modern world. This grabs the attention of a large number of researchers and enchants them in learning more about this practice. Researchers can confidently take up this topic and it will fetch some priceless information to them while also helping them present an incredible work.
  1. Online accounting: With digitisation of almost all kinds of work, accounting is something that requires digitisation on priority lines. Even the digitisation process of accounting business is almost accomplished globally and has expedited the work process manifold. Working on this dynamic concept can be an enlightening experience for researchers.
  1. Financial accounting and business strategies: Financial accounting accommodates collection and storage of data in a vivid manner. It facilitates the analytical process. Such analysis further helps in drawing out conclusions on diverse subjects. These conclusions can be further used to design business strategies.
  1. Account codes: Account codes are elemental in the finance and accounting sector. A detailed study on this subject can be highly impactful owing to its compliance with modern accounting. The researchers can explore various dimensions of the keyword and fetch valuable information from their research.
  1. The History of Finance and Accounting and Modern application: Investigating the stages of evolution of any particular subject, and analysing its relevance in the current times can prove to be an interesting experience. This statement is true not just for the accounting and financing thesis but also relevant in other disciplines too.
  1. Investigating the relationship between income and financial Statements: Income statements being structured information present relevant data in an organised manner. They are financial in nature. A study analysing the link between the basic financial statements and income statements presents a good choice for the dissertation purposes.
  1. Luca Pacioli’s and Financial Accounting development:
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This renowned Italian mathematician remembered as the father of accounting and bookkeeping contributed the double-entry method to the field of accounting. This method enabled error elimination and simplified the record-keeping process.

  1. The Dutch Indian Trade Company Agreement of 1602: Digging into the history to have a better understanding of the present traditions gives the exact picture of the event. It is advantageous in establishing cause-effect relationships. It is also vital in predicting future events.


There is a spectrum of topics that can be chosen for dissertation purposes in all the disciplines. Be it history, math, English, finance or accounting. While working on these types of projects, the researchers should keep in mind that their individual interest is the only driving force that can keep them going. This concept of interest not only fetches a prodigious piece of work but also opens up opportunities for researchers to gain knowledge. This is an effective way that works well in gaining and giving the best.



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