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Kareri Lake Trek The Offbeat destination


Kareri Lake is a beautiful walk you must add in your list of buckets. Don’t know about it? Don’t you know much? Well, your guidance is here.

Here’s a battlefield spot for you where AQI’s 71! If you are sick and weary of Delhi polluting! Yes, you read this properly. You read it right. This unusual spot is regarded to be one of India’s cleanest tourist resorts. Besides, it is 491 kilometers from Delhi and hence an escape location for the weekend. A photo-postcard village with whitewashed homes, peas, and terraced barley fields is the Village of Kareri.

Guesthouses for visitors or hiking enthusiasts can be found here.

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Kareri Lake Trek offers the most magnificent routes to the Lord Shiva temple, located in the mountain lap straight from the woodland and green Wadden pastures on the Nyund River. You will be delighted with your marked contrast of culture, sceneries, wildlife, and plants. Read more about this.

Kareri people are somewhat fascinated with the word ‘mad’ in the village. The Gaddi shepherds from this region took some hipster jargon from travelers who came for short weekend treks in Dharamshala, Mcleodiganj, and Dharamkot at the northwest end Kangra District. Now if you ask questions about Kareri Lake, or about the weather, these roving shepherds will immediately take off their love of manguettes and remark, “Crazy hai, crazy.”

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The Kareri Lake Trek is still less well known, unlike most of the short walks surrounding Kangra. I read several posts online before the journey and I persuaded myself that a traditional stone route in the Himalayan indicates the way to the lake.

Several walking outfits organize a three-day walk on Kareri Lake, but Kareri is a complete DIY route if you are familiar with the highlands, and prepared in the face of unexpected weather conditions. In order to assist you plan a journey to Kareri on a weekend, here are a brief route and advice I received last week during my Kareri adventure.

Rest House of Kareri

Take a bus or cab to the village of Kareri. Note that in the morning there are only two buses from Dharamshala to Kareri Village. Taxis run from ex service men throughout the day Dharamshala Taxi Booth and leave you in two hours in Kareri Village.

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Kareri Village Accommodation: 

If you want to spend a night in the village of Kareri, you can stay in the Forest Rest House. There are practically any stores here, therefore you would need to get whatever you need from Ghera, the Dharamshala village of Kareri. Forest Rest House contact number: 097365 25486. 

Campsite Kareri Lake

Lake Kareri: 6km walking from Reoti.

Start your journey to the lake and remember to have snacks and water for the next day’s trip. From Reoti, the stone route continues and the lovely view of the cool River Nyund flows to the left. The path is a mixture of steep rocks and clear green wilderness on the banks of the river. Jump across the river stones on the other side of the river at the end of the track. Go up the last hill that sits beyond the magnificent lake of Kareri.

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Kareri Lake to the village: 13 km walking distance from the lake:

The next day you travel the same path to the village of Kareri. Breakfast is available on Kareri Lake or in Reoti, but the walk from Reoti cannot be continued without a loud meal. This descent should not take over 3 or 4 hours and you can take water bottles and food in at least 3 or 4 shacks.

Tents and guides

Sunrise Cafe, the lone shack in Kareri Village, offers rental tents and native guides. If you are not confident to walking alone, a guide can accompany you along the way ahead. You may hire tents in Kareri Village and you can either rent tents in Reoti or bring them to your destination. It is possible to take the same tents the next day to Kareri Village.

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Recollection tips

* Here’s predictably bad weather. Always take your rain gear and walk, especially during the monsoon in Kareri.

* Make preparations for the food and water of Ghera if you intend to remain in Kareri Village for more than a day.

* Dharamshala ATMs can only be obtained and no provisions are in place for cash withdrawal on the trip.

* Avoid water from the river. Two litres of water must be carried daily. The bottles may be recharged midway between the shacks.

* Arrangements for the return cab to Kareri Village Dharamshala may be made at Sunrise Cafe. Before commencing the trip, it’s important to check back taxis and make previous arrangements.

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The journey from Ghera and another route leading through the village of Nolli are alternated routes. But the path along the Nolli Bridge stays the same except from the early diversions.

If you have taken an alternative path to the lake, send us all information about your tips and tricks on the Kareri Lake Trek in the comment area below.



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