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Is WhatsApp Monitoring Software work on iPhone?


Freeware social messaging apps are popular these days. Everyone loves to use instant messaging apps on cell phones. Users can send and receive text messages and allow groups conversations. Users can send and receive media and documents. Social messaging apps like WhatsApp enable users to make voice and video calls.

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging apps of the last decade, and still, it is rising day by day, and people are using it for several activities for free. Moreover, people are trying their best to monitor WhatsApp for plenty of reasons.

Now the question arises of how WhatsApp monitoring is possible. Experts say WhatsApp monitoring software is the best tool to monitor social messaging apps on iPhone devices. Though iOS devices are very secure devices, you can perform iPhone monitoring to the fullest.

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What is iPhone Monitoring App?

It is one of the best features of the iPhone spy app. People often search for the monitoring of WhatsApp on iOS devices. Yes, it is possible to monitor social messaging apps on iOS devices no time ever before. WhatsApp spy software enables users to monitor social media logs. Users can track iPhone devices active with social networks like WhatsApp.

Following things you can monitor on WhatsApp:

  • It empowers you to read sent and received text messages
  • It provides you chat conversations logs with schedule
  • Users can get Voice call logs
  • Get shared videos and photos logs
  • Secretly read text conversations on target iOS device

So, you can monitor the instant messaging app, and you can get to know what is happening on the iPhone device. Now the question arises of how the iPhone monitoring solution works on iOS devices. What features do you have to get the job done?

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Top Features of WhatsApp monitoring app for iPhone spying

Here are the following features of the iPhone monitoring solution for jailbreak iOS devices.

WhatsApp logs

You can use the WhatsApp monitoring software on the target iPhone active with the instant messaging app. Users can monitor messages logs, chat conversations, multimedia sharing, and voice call logs. You will get to know what the target device user is doing on the cell phone device.

WhatsApp VoIP call recording

WhatsApp voice and video call recording is the exceptional and scope feature that few monitoring apps are offering at the moment. So, you can use the VoIP call recording tool to record and listen to the voice conversations of your kids and employees.

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WhatsApp monitoring app empowers you to capture screenshots of all the messaging apps running on an android phone. Users can read sent and received messages and chats conversations by capturing screenshots. You need to schedule several screenshots and get them from the dashboard.


Keystrokes logging can record every keystroke target WhatsApp user has used in messages and chat conversations. Moreover, it can monitor email keystrokes, passwords, and messenger keystrokes.

Why use monitoring software for WhatsApp on iPhone?

Young kids are obsessed with cell phone devices. They love to have iPhones, and they spend hours and hours on the phone screen. The excessive use of iPhones causes health issues, and most kids interact with strangers online.

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 Young teens get involved inappropriate activities. They could trap online predators like cyber bullies, sex offenders, child abusers, and many more. WhatsApp social messaging app is popular among teens, and they could receive random messages, adult Whatsapp group links, and grooming.

 Therefore, WhatsApp monitoring on iPhone has become necessary for parents. They can use the tracking app on kid’s phones and get to know what they are doing on the instant messaging app.

Employers can monitor business iOS devices and protect data from breaching, time-wasting, and inappropriate activities.  Employers can spy on iPhone active with the social messaging app to catch disgruntled employees sharing business data to third parties.

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How to use the best WhatsApp monitoring app for iPhone?

Do you want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp on your iPhone? Are you looking forward to having a WhatsApp monitoring app? You need to get a subscription to the iPhone spy solution and install it on the target jailbreak iOS device. Moreover, activate the features and get instant results via an online dashboard.


WhatsApp monitoring for iOS is one of the best features of iPhone spy software that you can install on jailbreak iPhones to monitor social messaging apps to the fullest.



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