March 3

How you can make smart uses of different boxes?


Receiving different parcels from different companies can be stressful because they just keep piling up. This is why I always make the best use of large custom shipping boxes. Most of these boxes are durable because they need to be shipped. This is why I get to think of being creative and use special ideas for decorating them. Art is one of my hobbies which is why creating small paintings can be done magically with them. Whenever I get them from a custom box factory, I always store them and use them to paint. I cut out different shapes and sizes and make them my canvases. To make them into thicker canvases, I put them in layers by cutting out more pieces of the same shape.

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Most people will think that re-using these boxes will create more waste materials which are completely false. As these boxes are durable and strong, I don’t even need to use a large amount of glue to layer them on. Once, this part is done I then proceed to paint. The best thing is that these boxes have a great tendency to soak up the original color of the paints and they also dry faster. Therefore, unlike canvases, these boxes are easier to work with. Moreover, you can even draw on these boxes and erase all the mistakes. Erasing pencil mistakes on canvases is very tough. After I look at the painting or drawing, I usually hang them or place them as decoration items.

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Make your personal pencil holder 


There are many ways how you can create your personal pen holder when you order from a custom box factoryWhy buy pencil holders for an expensive price when you can simply create one at home? All you will need to do is grab a hold of the 3d hologram box that is no longer in use and cut it into squares and rectangles. All the squares need to be of the same size as well as the rectangle. These boxes are already sturdy do I don’t layer them. However, its easier to make them extra durable just in minute. Using any type of glue, you will have to glue the sides together and let them dry.

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The best part of this is that you can create a pencil holder of any size you want. Therefore, I have created a pencil holder which is in a shape of a cloud and a star. Hence, you can get creative with these boxes and also decorate them however you prefer. I always decorate my holder by using paints, markers, glitter, and some ribbons. All of these are things that are laying around in the house useless. Hence, you are not just going to be re-using these durable boxes but also using the things which you might have thrown away.

Use flashcards for better learning 

A custom cardboard box companywill always send their items in cardboard boxes. It is a universal thing that cardboard boxes need to be recycled for benefitting the environment. Hence, these companies send 100% environmentally-friendly boxes. This is something I love because they are supporting the world to become a better place. By having environmentally-friendly boxes, we can make numerous things out of it which can help us. As a student, it is important to take notes and learn. The best way to do this is by making flashcards. As cardboard is a flexible material and it is easy to decorate with pens, markers, pencils, and other things, it is easy to make flashcards as well.

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All you need to do is cut your desired shape for your flashcards. You can use an entire box for this because no flashcards are enough. You can make one or two for each subject. When you are done making the cut-outs for your flashcards, you can have to hole punch them on one side and just use a clipper to clip them in place. If you don’t have clippers available then you can always use a thread. This is what I do as well. After placing them together, your flashcards are ready.

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Make gift-giving one of a kind 

Receiving custom shipping boxes wholesale is exciting. That is because they already come in different colors and add-ons. This makes them already an easy-to-use decoration. Moreover, these boxes are strong even though they already have some decorations on them. The best thing is that they come in perfectly and none of the decorations are lost. Therefore, the companies that ship these boxes make sure that the add-ons are intact and safely packaged so nothing moves around or gets destroyed.

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Moreover, whenever I receive custom boxes I always use them and keep aside the different add-ons. I use these add-ons and save them. They come in handy whenever I need to decorate anything else as well. Most of the time, I do not reshape these boxes because they look perfect for the item that was inside. Therefore, I just use them as a storage space for the item. I keep the box for the item until it has been used and it’s time to throw it away. I then use the box for gift-giving. Giving gifts is heartwarming and when you have a special box for it, it ties everything together.

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The usefulness of the logo

Custom packaging boxes with logo are fun to store as well. This is because these boxes always have their logo printed on them which makes them good for remembering the brand. This way, I know which items I brought from which brand. Moreover, it also helps me to identify if the brand’s products are up to the standards. It is crucial that as much the outlook is important, the item matters as well. Hence, it gives me a recall of all the items I brought and from where.

Furthermore, most of the logos come in attractive and fancy. So you can use that to decorate some other items as well. Some companies use stickers as their logos. Therefore, if you are decorating a pencil holder then you can cut out the name and use it as a decorative statement.

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