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How to wear necklaces with different outfits



When you pair it with the appropriate clothing, you might have realized that some jewellery pieces can level up any attire. You might own a pair of necklaces that you might wish to wear to work always. However, are there any rules to which jewellery pairs best with which attire? No, there aren’t any official rules, however, there is a skill to pair jewellery with your outfit. Here are some tips for pairing your jewellery with your attire in the best possible manner.

Take into account your skin tone

Jewellery is often worn quite close to the skin and so you must seek jewellery items that complement your skin tone. Warm skin tones possess greenish veins and yellow undertones, whilst cool tones possess bluish veins and red and pink undertones. If you possess a warm tone, you can opt for rose gold and yellow gold varieties and if you possess a cool skin tone, white gold and platinum might look best on you. Rose gold looks good with various skin tones and so you can take a crack at it. Gemstones like yellow diamonds, ruby, garnet, citrine, peridot and morganite are suggested for warmer tones whilst amethyst, emerald, opal, zircon, tanzanite, and aquamarine are suggested for cooler tones.

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Pick a centrepiece

A straightforward way to start accessorizing is to make use of jewellery pieces like a ring, bracelet or statement necklace. This piece will be the centre of attention of your attire, and then the other items would be minimal. For instance, if you go for necklace models as a centrepiece, you must wear minimal bracelets or rings and stud earrings. If you wear earrings as a focal point, you should opt for a dainty necklace and a simple band on the finger.

Stay away from being matchy-matchy

The jewellery colour doesn’t need to be of the same colour as your attire or any other jewellery that you wear. You can opt for multiple complimentary colours or pick a pop of colour if the attire is all about neutral colours. If you are not sure which colours will suit your attire, you can make use of a colour wheel. Find a colour that you are wearing on this wheel and then search across it to decide which ones are complementary. If you are still not sure, you can opt for metal jewellery as it is a safe bet, most of the time. Diamond-looking and diamond jewellery are safe too regardless of the colours you wear. If the attire has a neutral colour (white, black, grey) you can choose bright collared jewellery in order to add personality and colour to your appearance.

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How to pair your necklaces with your attire

  • Plain tops and solid shirts can always make use of a necklace to add focus and create interest.
  • High necklines such as a mock neck, turtleneck, or collared shirt often benefit from layered or statement necklaces. Layered varieties are better for professional settings, whilst a large statement piece is magnificent if you are going out for a casual event.
  • If you sport a loose or flowy shirt, you can utilize a necklace to add some definition to your body and stop the shirt from overpowering your body. It is a good idea for necklaces to possess a heavy texture so that they can stand out against your clothing material.
  • Gold chains, minimal necklaces, and fine silver chains can pair with the majority of shirts. You can wear them with a V-cut or regular t-shirt if you want to boost your clavicle. You can add some fun to the mix by using a fashionable pendant.
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Accessories can make your attire look great. They can decorate an otherwise dull or ordinary outfit, or colloquialise a formal piece. There is really no reason not to add some zest to your wardrobe with a few fantastic jewellery items. You can pop over to this website for more necklace collections.


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