November 30

How to Prepare Your Home For a New Kitten

Bringing home a kitten for the first time can be very exciting, and you probably cannot wait to become BFFs with them. Kittens are inquisitive creatures that are entertaining to watch and playful. On the other hand, moving to a new home with unfamiliar faces can be incredibly daunting for a young kitten, so making preparations in advance will help them feel more comfortable and safe. In turn, this will help them settle down quicker. Here are a few top tips to help your new kitten feel more at home.

Make an Essential Checklist

When it comes to bringing home a kitten, preparing for your new arrival, and buying kitten-related items is all part of the fun. The first thing that you need to do is create a checklist to ensure you have all the essentials ready. This includes a food bowl, a water bowl, a bed complete with blankets, a litter tray, and a cat carrier to bring them home. In addition, a good quality scratching post might stop your kitten from getting their claws out on the furniture. Cat games and toys can help keep them stimulated—and tire them out too.

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Safeguard Your Space

Cats are clever animals. As they grow, your kitten will be able to access most of the home, including cupboards, bins, drawers, and any other space they deem worthy of a nap. Install safety latches to cupboards, drawers, and doors. If you want to keep your trash in the trash can, replace all open units with closed ones. Make sure you securely stow away household items that are toxic for cats and get rid of hazardous indoor and outdoor plants.

Register New Addition

Responsible pet parents need to register all new, furry additions and get them vaccinated. Easyvet has several clinics across the United States with qualified teams of veterinary staff. Easyvet clinics accept new animals and provide an array of services to help animals thrive. Once your furry one moves in, book an appointment with a veterinarian to protect your new kitten’s health and wellbeing. Their veterinary employees are experienced and can offer help and advice that will enable you to look after your new kitten efficiently. Visit for more information.

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Give Them Space to Explore

Once your kitten is ready to come home, make sure, you give them the freedom to breathe. Going to a new, strange place can take a lot out of a kitten. By overswamping them with attention, they may become scared and withdrawn. Give them space to venture around the home by themselves as they are probably overwhelmed enough already. Allow your kitten to adjust to their new environment and let it just be. Once it is ready, you can begin showing them around other parts of your home slowly.

Meet the Family

Introducing your new kitten to members of the household is an important step. Introductions should be quiet and calm, and they should be conducted one-to-one. Make sure that all family members know how to handle a kitten. Your feline companion is still young. It is small and fragile, which means it could get hurt easily.


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