January 13

How to Prepare for Your First Trade Fair


A big part of making sure that your business is successful is making potential customers and other professionals in your industry aware of your brand. While you can use social media and other clever marketing strategies to reach your customers, trade fairs are an excellent opportunity to make your brand known in professional circles. It’s an opportunity to connect with other companies within your industry, talk about sales, collaborations, and other possible projects you can work on in the future. If you are about to attend your first trade fair as a business owner, here are some tips to help you prepare for it.


Who is Going to be There and What Events are Taking Place?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re looking into other businesses that will be attending and any talks or other events that are taking place that you would be interested in. These trade fairs aren’t just an opportunity for you to promote your business, but also for you to learn more about what is happening within your industry. Being up to date on industry news is also essential if you want your company to thrive, so don’t miss out on these learning opportunities. If there is a company or individual that you would like to speak to, try to make an appointment with them ahead of the fair to guarantee a meeting.

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Styling Your Stall

Even if you only have a small stall at this fair, it’s still important to make it look appealing to draw people in. You will have to check with the fair organizers about restrictions when it comes to stall décor, but even if you are limited with what you can do, you must make sure that your stall looks organized and professional. Displaying your products upfront but also creating a comfortable space where visitors can sit and talk with you or browse your reading materials and products is a must. You should also ensure that your company logo is visible so that people will remember it.

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Sales Materials

If you are selling any products at the trade fair, you should remember to make sure there is a point of sale for customers to make easy, secure purchases with their cards and with cash. You might also want to think about putting together free samples for people to try and get to know your products better. If you are meeting with potential businesses that you would like to make a sales deal with, you will also need to put together quality sales materials, whether that is a sales catalog or even a quick presentation. Contact information for you and your sales team should be visible on these as well.

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Branded Merchandise

Finally, consider having some branded merchandise at your stall to either sell or hand out to visitors for free. These could include tote bags, custom snapback hats, t-shirts, mugs, posters, sweatshirts, and so on. Whatever your budget allows, these additional items can help to make your brand more memorable and garner you more attention at the trade fair.

If you’re a business owner who is planning to attend their first professional trade fair this year, use these tips to help you prepare for it and have a great experience.


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