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How to Practice Creativity When You’re Busy?


No matter which field attracts us, we are all creative in some way or the other. Nobody needs to be dictated on how to practice creativity. We need to be creative to be satisfied in life and prosper further. Life is living the crust of creativity. We can belong to a different field of work, but we have to develop creativity to function effectively well.

Creativity is like meditation, it needed to be practice unless it is a habit. This is so because creativity can only result in our best performance in the desired field.

Why creativity is necessary?

If we are working in any field and get bored of the work, we can take a short break to escape in the world of creativity to rejuvenate ourselves. It depends on us what is rejuvenation to us. It may differ for each person so does the definition of creativity.

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How to practice creativity when you are busy?

You can be creative any time. This also discharges your stress resulting in a fresh mind with new perspectives.

We are all running fast in the daily busy schedule of our lives. We need to follow few steps to ensure a creative mind along with fulling the daily work requirements. If we are not creative enough then we can contribute our best in the field we are from.

Maintain a journal

It doesn’t matter you are good at writing or not. The thing which matters is balancing your emotions.

If you pour out your emotions well you will be able to be functioning well in our field of work. We stay happy when our emotions are balanced and out of stress.

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Figure out a hobby

We all have a hobby that suits us. The hobby that is capable of making us soothe our heart at the end of a stressful day or sometimes before or between the day.

This hobby includes reading a book, exercise, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, driving, cycling, cooking, etc. This varies according to the preference of the people. But the effect is the same.

Everyone feels light and rejuvenated with their creativity after experiencing a busy time. The hobby that suits you makes you happy delighted.

It helps you in generating new ideas through the work you love. For example, if you love cooking or baking your work stress will be shifted to something that gives you pleasure to work for. If you love painting or any relevant artwork then you will develop more creativity and patience.

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This determination and concentration will guide you to prosper in your work life. If you spend a minimum amount of time with the preferred hobby then you will be creative, even if you are busy.You don’t need to make an act or perform something to be creative. You just need to let yourself follow through with the hobby you like.

Complete your sleep

If you are a student or a teen then you should focus on your sleep. If you sleep well, you can easily focus on other things. So, please find out some tips to better sleep and follow them.

Coloring books

Trust me I’m not joking! This helps in turning our boring minds creative. When we undergo the constant stress of work.

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We need to regulate ourselves through other things that will keep up creativity. Unless we will result in making our lives dull which will affect our work too.

It may cross your mind, why you need to color books like a child. But it is not like that. Adult color books rejuvenate us to declutter the complicated thoughts.

If you practice this daily it surely helps in keeping us fresh. The colors have a magical power to make you feel every change of it.

Take short breaks between work

When you are working for long hours, it is highly beneficial to take short breaks. If you take short tea or coffee breaks to exchange views with your colleague then you will be able to broaden your perspective.

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When we spend time with people having a different set of views, we get to experience a new perspective. We may agree or disagree on certain points but we will still learn something out of it.

Use Internet

As we also know that 70% of people are using the Internet. Most of them are using the internet for entertainment. You can learn some tips to stay healthy by the help of Internet.

Practice gardening

Although it comes after hobby only, it is beyond just a hobby. It caters to you more than you cater to that

It is surreal to experience a plan to grow daily. It brings a lot of satisfaction and serenity to see a plan grow. When you realize that you have nurtured so many lives you feel happy amidst the busy life.

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Writing blogs

It may seem that nowadays everyone is writing blogs and presenting their lives out on social media. But that is not bad at all. If you put forward your experiences of life, one can get benefitted from that.

Your experience can help one to get rid of their issues and vice versa. A problem may seem big to you but it may not be as big to the other person. This is how your feelings and experiences can be exchanged benefitting each other.

It is indeed a social community to spread awareness to help each other get through a situation or understand a situation better to handle it.

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Mind games

Practice mind games that can help you keep your work-life stress at bay while making you creative.


Some people are good at making things out of materials. But they don’t get time out of their busy lives to practice such a habit.

They can practice this and make a new business out of it. Else, they can just do it for their pleasure.

Frequent Trips

We don’t usually get time from our busy lives to get away to any destination. But we can make use of our holidays to sneak out from our mundane lives.

We generally get creative amidst nature. We will love to embrace nature escaping the busy life.

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We are acquainted with this term in the case of our bodies. But here it is not related to our body but our mind.

When we are busy and constantly engaged with social networks and devices, we get bored after a stretch. The best way to be creative is to detoxify from social media to find the meaning of our lives.

When we are detached from social media, we get to know what are our hobbies and interests. Otherwise, we keep scrolling through the internet to unnecessarily waste our time.

Make small goals

When you are busy regularly it is better to aim for small goals. It is feasible to fetch as well as fulfill.

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It keeps our creativity at full length while keeping our goals short and simple. If we work extensively daily it will not only drains us but also will make us exhausted to perform further.

If you are a medical student or preparing for the USMLE Step 1 review course then you should think about your goal.

Personal growth

Allow yourself to underperform so that you have some improvements to look forward to, thus showcasing your creativity.

To be creative one needs to perform within the limit. Unless there will be a lack of true effort and also the quality will degrade along with the creative scope.

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Creativity is nothing but producing something that you can. It doesn’t mean that nobody can do it but it means you do it differently. It doesn’t matter that you are a medical student or you are studying in a medical school, you need to focus on these types of creativity.

Take a pause in your busy life to know how to practice creativity. Creativity is the best getaway amidst the crowd of a busy life.


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