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How to meet your sales target through attractive deals? | MobileSentrix


Your customers are from different backgrounds with different needs and buying behaviors. Their preferences to purchase a product or get a service could vary, but almost every customer is interested in SALES.

Yes, who doesn’t love discounts and sales! Every customer wants to shop for value, and sales are a great way of showing them that they’re getting their money’s worth. However, to make your sales as effective as possible, you need to learn how to present them properly.

Effectively putting forward your deals and discounts makes a better connection with your customer. Understanding your customer’s needs and demands is imperative – if you fulfill their needs, they will be willing to spend more on your business. Let’s look at some of the ways you can connect with customers for better sales opportunities using your repair shop software.

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Collect Customer Data

While making repair tickets for a customer, it is customary to note their details, such as a home address, contact number, and email ID. This makes it so you can easily send them offers and promotions.

Identify top-selling products: Identify and make a list of your top-selling products. You can do this by analyzing your inventory records and seeing which items are selling out faster. This will help you create bundle offers. A quality inventory management software can help you in this to ease the process.

Identify which products are not selling: You also need to identify which products in your store are not selling. Then, to make a sale on them, you can attempt to sell them at a cost price. You can also bundle your lowest-selling items with top-selling products to get them out the door.

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Buy one, get one free

People love getting stuff for free. Sometimes, they purchase things because they get something free with it. So it’s evident the word FREE compels people to buy things.

Let’s say you have an item that isn’t selling well. What you can do is, as stated previously, offer it with a popular item that practically flies off the shelf. Adding it for free with your high-value product gets people’s eyes on it and compels them to buy.

At this point, you can convince them easily. Make a strategic offer. Offer customers two products that are high in demand at a discounted price for a limited time. Reading “Limited Time Offer” will spike the interest of the customer.

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The time limit will create a sense of urgency among people. It will convince them to grab it and help you unload things from your inventory that are not selling. 

The best part of buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deals is that they cost you nothing, while also helping you to sell more.

Tip: Keep nudging your customer to pick up the deals before they’re gone so it creates a sense of urgency.

Bundle offers

Bundle offers are the most underutilized technique to sell more. They are effective because:

  • They augment the average value of the order,
  • They help to get rid of dead stock,
  • You can personalize your store, and
  • They enhance the customer experience.
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If you’re running a repair shop, you can create bundles of different products, services, or even a mixture of both. Create a bundle of products or services into a nice package with a visible discount to it. This tactic will attract people to purchase more and also give you a perfect chance to upsell your other items.

For instance, if you are using repair shop software, you can create bundles of the back cover and tempered glass on every screen replacement.

By using this technique, you are offering a product at a discounted price. As a result, there is a higher probability that your customer will buy it. It’s a kind of win-win situation for both.

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You will get more money on every bundle sale, and your customer will get a product at a discounted rate. 

Back to school deals

August to September is the right time to come up with back-to-school deals. It is the time when students are coming back to school, and they need to fix their devices. So this is the right time to entice them with exciting deals.

Now here comes a question: What kind of back-to-school deals can you put to entice students? For example, you can offer students a discount on device repairs or device financing.

You can either offer them a fixed discount on any product, or a discount on an additional item. For instance, you run your repair shop using POS software, and a student comes to your shop.

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They initially come to you for a laptop repair. However, you can use this opportunity and upsell a screen protector at a discounted price. If you play your cards right, you could make a sale right there, and your customer will be walking out satisfied.   

We suggest trying to come up with new and exciting deals to keep students interested. The more you will support the element of surprise in sales, the more students will come. Play into their interests and make a connection with them, and you’ll have a sale on your hands in no time.

In back-to-school deals, repair shop owners target the needs of people. So keeping in mind the condition of the hour is imperative. 

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Flash sales

A flash sale is when a store offers its customers a big promotion for a limited time. The main objective behind a flash sale is to compel online shoppers for impulsive buying. In addition, it helps to increase short-term sales.

Shops can also sell their extra stock through flash sales. They can offer not selling items on the cost price. It can also create fear of missing out among customers. But, on the other hand, it will compel them to buy the product.

You can even order items specifically to offer them on flash sales. Check-in with vendors like MobileSentrix to see which items are their highest-selling, then order a bunch of them and offer those items on a flash sale when the time is right, like say during a public holiday. With this tactic, you can really rake in big sales with your investment.

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Cyber Monday and Green Monday

Cyber Monday, a big shopping fiesta, is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. You can also avail this time and can offer exclusive discounts and promotions.

Similarly, another biggest shopping day is Green Monday. It is the second Monday of December. It is the time when your customer realizes that they are left with only ten shipping days.

You can give exclusive discounts and deals. Like you can give up to 50 % discount on items that have a considerable profit margin.

End of the month sale

Your month is going to end, and you are still struggling to achieve the sales target. You can put services and all those products on sale which are less popular. It will help you to achieve your sales target.

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Referral discounts

Referral discount is a great strategy to get more customers through one customer. For instance, you can give a 10 or 20 % discount to the person who referred a new customer and your new customer.  It will not only increase your sales but will also give you a new customer.

All these strategies play a significant role in understanding and enticing your customers. Your customers need constant reminders regarding your promotions and deals. Attract them wisely and sell more.



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