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How to find the perfect hostel in Pune?


When we decide to move out to another city for work or studies we need to find the right one as it is going to be like a second home where we will have to stay while working hard on our dreams and aspirations. This is why you need to go through a lot of aspects that are going to matter when you choose to stay at a Pune hostel and start the new journey. If you are wondering how you can find a reliable space for yourself and have all the amenities that you need with the most affordable pricing range set, then Stanza living is the place for you. Their online website allows you to scroll through various options and find the most suitable hostel for yourself.

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With Stanza Living, you need to just look at the appropriate locations, room options and pricing that fits your budget and get the perfect match for your needs. Let us look at what you need to look at on the website to get the hostel room of your choice:

  1. Property type: When you are on the website, you need to select the property type. Here you will have the option to select PG & Hostels out of the other options and you can choose that to get a whole list of hostels in Pune.
  2. Sort by: The second filter that you will come across is the “Sort by” option where you can select whether you have to look at the lowest prices first or the highest prices so that you get to scroll all the options according to your budget.
  3. Locality: Depending upon the location of your workplace or the college that you have taken admission to, you can select the location of your hostel, you have a lot of locations to choose from across the city and this will help you to get a hostel nearby to the destination. When you get a location of your choice, you end up having to travel less and won’t have to stress about commuting to the places.
  4. Price: You get the choice of setting the pricing range according to your convenience. There is a minimum limit from the starting range and also a maximum limit that you can set on the filter and then you will only be shown a wide range of options with the desired location within your budget. This is a great way to save up money and not settle for something that is out of your budget. It will be easier for you to just set the price and only look at the options in your budget and how much maximum you are willing to pay.
  5. Gender: This can be an important aspect for most of us and some of us might need to make sure that it’s inclusive of all genders or only a particular gender. Some parents worry about the safety of their daughters and need an all-girls hostel and this is understandable. With the help of Stanza Living, there is the inclusivity of genders like male, female and unisex. This allows to create a friendly environment no matter what your gender is and in this way, everyone can live sustainably and safely without having any issues.
  1. Residence type: Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can select those options in the filter and then get the options of your choice as the rooms and needs of both the aspects might be different so it is better to have an option where you get to choose.
  2. Amenities: Finally, when you are checking the hostels, you need to make sure you have a lot of necessary amenities. If you are going to stay at a place for a long time, then you must have everything you need. Since the Pune summer weather is hot, you would need proper Air conditioning, an attached washroom is necessary, and there needs to be a proper storage space for all your belongings. For winters, there needs to be a hot water supply, a study table and a chair, well-placed dustbins etc. all these aspects and many more are some of the basic things that will be provided to you by Stanza Living and this is why it is going to be worth the money you put in your stay.
  3. Services: A proper service that includes high-speed Wi-Fi, laundry service, and housekeeping is something that you might need for the long run and it makes your stay convenient and stress-free.
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So, here is how you can find your ideal hostel room on the Stanza Living website and get everything you need to make your new beginning better. Make sure to check in all the filters according to your needs to get exactly what you are looking for.


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