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How to do a gym cleaning step by step?


In these times, gym cleaning is vital to create a safe, hygienic, and comfortable space. In addition to tasks aimed at traditional cleaning, in recent weeks there has been a need (more than ever) to disinfect all corners of the space. At Eco Fms we are experts in creating healthy and productive spaces, carrying out high-quality cleaning in spaces with a large number of people.

Cleaning the gyms, step by step

Cleaning in these areas where sports are practiced, in closed spaces, should be a priority for any business of this type. The rise of these spaces in recent years has been important since in the same venue we can carry out all kinds of sports activities. Similarly, as gyms have grown in popularity, their cleaning needs have increased: you must have adequate ventilation, clean bathrooms and showers to perfection and, to top it all off, sweat can transmit viruses or bacteria.

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For all that we discussed above, cleaning must be exquisite, following the steps that we highlight below.

1. Cleaning frequency and schedule

Before we discuss how to clean the gym, we must know the frequency of cleaning them. In the current health context, these spaces require continuous cleaning, although it is difficult to “fit” the tasks of disinfection and ventilation with the frequent use of the facilities.

Therefore, the idea is to draw up a calendar or daily planning with the people employed in the cleaning and the areas in which it is going to intervene. Areas such as access, lockers, common areas, classrooms, machines, or showers. It is advisable to carry out deep cleaning at certain times during the day, closing some areas where you are going to intervene, to guarantee the success of the tasks.

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2. Ventilation, key

Before cleaning the space, the ventilation of the space is key. Not only because bad odors tend to accumulate (sweat, for example), but because the renewal of the air will expel pathogens that inhabit the interior from the space.

3. Yes, we do the cleaning by areas

There are five areas, in the following order, that should be a priority in cleaning:

  1. Machines All users will make intensive use of them throughout the day, depositing sweat at many key points. The main cleaning task is to disinfect the seats, pedals, screens … Of all the machines and their nooks and crannies.
  2. Showers It is one of the most delicate areas. 90% of users, after exercising, take a shower. All sweat and body dirt accumulates here. The cleaning of screens, taps, doors, shower trays or corners must be intense, using products such as bleach, which are able to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi. More considering the humid environment of this area.
  3. Changing rooms Here there is a crossing of people: those who arrive clean, those who shower for sports and leave clean … A great variety of people and conditions, dirty and clean clothes (kept in the lockers), etc. In these areas, disinfection should also be promoted, with special attention to common objects (mirrors, dryers, padlocks …).
  4. Toilets Cleaning the bathrooms is another area to watch. Its cleaning must be deep, using bleach and air fresheners.
  5. Meeting rooms. In this space, it is vital to remove dust and dirt. Special attention to self-vending machines, backrests, chairs or tables. In addition, the floor must be scrubbed with water and disinfectant.
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The clean gyms should be deep to ensure free spaces for bacteria and pathogens. Remember that we are experts in creating healthy spaces. We work in all spaces!


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