March 27

How Grillz Are Made On Bling Cartel


Have you ever wondered how Bling Cartel makes their Grillz? Today we are here to satisfy that curiosity with a little bit of knowledge about what goes on in preparing those lovely Grillz you see and wear. Of course, this is just a summary of the hard work that goes into producing your Grillz, but it’s fair enough.
Talking about how Bling Cartel makes their Grillz, there are three significant steps from the time when we get the dental impression of the client down to the time when we get the finished results. Please read on if you want to learn more about our grill production process.
Note: for this Grillz to be made, we provide you with the mold kits so you may take the impressions yourself and return them to us. This is one of the most critical aspects of the production phase, and it needs to be gotten right from the start.

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⦁ Creating the Mold

Following the fabrication of the imprints, dye stone is poured into the impressions to fill them and create the mold from which the grill will be constructed. While the dye stone is put into the mold, the impression and tray are crushed against a vibrating machine. This ensures that the dye stone is equally spread throughout the impression and that there are no air bubbles on the mold.

⦁ Casting the Mold

The mold is then converted into a casting with a wax lining using one of our many procedures. One of our main methods is softening a thick plastic sheet onto the mold and then cutting it out to the correct form. The next step is to place wax tubes on both sides of the plastic so that the gold may inject into them. The plastic is then wrapped in a casting substance and heated until it solidifies.

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We remove the plastic once the casting material is set and gold is injected into the casting using the wax tubes placed earlier in the procedure. The casting is then placed in a centrifuge, which rotates the gold within the casting, spreading it evenly and eliminating air bubbles – things are looking great from here.

⦁ Cleaning and Polishing

Once the gold grill has been extracted from the casting, the unwanted gold gathered from the tubes is chopped off and trimmed down to match the other parts of the Grillz. The final steps are to clear away any remaining casting material on the grill and polish it to a brilliant gloss.

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Bottom Line

So, this is it. This is how Bling Cartel makes their Grillz, and we believe that your curiosity has been satisfied to a certain extent. Please note that each of the materials used to produce this Grillz is safe and convenient for your use. We believe in delivering excellence and safety, which is why you can always count on us to keep you looking fly and remaining safe. To learn more about how we can make the best custom Grillz, you can contact us today.


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