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Home Wall Paint Dull Quickly? Maybe these 3 things are the cause

Home Wall Paint Dull Quickly? Maybe these 3 things are the cause – The paint on the walls of the house quickly dulls is a problem that is most often found by many people. However, it can be overcome if we pay attention to painting techniques properly.

The wall of the house itself is the most important component that protects the owner of the house from the threat of danger that comes from outside, such as rain and drought. In addition, a beautiful wall can also bring a positive aura and a view that will be seen every day by the owner of the house. On the other hand, bad walls can bring a negative aura in the house.


Paint is something that is very attached to the walls of the house. Therefore, home voters will usually choose the right wall paint and according to taste. The goal is to make the walls of the house beautiful and make the atmosphere of the house comfortable when you see it.

However, what often happens in Indonesia is that when we just coat the walls with the paint of choice, soon the paint on the walls of the house quickly becomes dull, and even fades. Not only that, sometimes the wall paint can peel off. This is due to extreme weather changes between hot and cold in tropical countries.

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To make house wall paint that lasts longer, there are ways that must be followed. For example, knowing the type of paint to be used, making sure the wall coating is ready when it will be painted, and other preparations.

Well, a report by ideavone, here are some things that cause house wall paint to dull quickly:

Inappropriate Selection of Wall Paint

Before painting the walls, you need to know the area of ​​the wall that will be coated with paint. Whether it’s the outside or the inside because it will affect the type of paint. Because the two types of walls require different treatments.

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We recommend that you use special wall paint for the outside (exterior) if you want to paint the outside wall. And vice versa, if you want to paint the inner wall then use the inner wall paint. The reason is, exterior and inferior wall paints have different basic ingredients so that they can affect the strength of the paint on a wall.

Not cleaning the paint layer can also cause the house wall paint to dull quickly

The second mistake that often causes house wall paint to dull quickly is not cleaning the surface first before painting. If it is not cleaned and immediately given a paint just like that, then the new paint will not last long. This can cause the house wall paint to quickly dull and peel off with the old paint on the wall.

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So, before painting make sure you have cleaned the old paint so that it is clean from the remaining dirt of the previous paint. We can clean the dirt on the wall by using sandpaper. In addition, the old paint may have expired so that it is not attached firmly so that the new paint can peel off too.

Also, make sure the walls of your house are free of mold because clean new paint if exposed to mold can make the paint color not solid.

Not Using Base Paint

If a new wall is being painted for the first time, it is best if the new paint on the wall is coated with a primer. The good base color is white. Only then can you apply any paint color to your walls.

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Before doing the second painting, make sure the base color of the paint on the wall is dry. With it, the paint color on the walls of your house will look solid and last longer.

In the painting process, it would be nice if we read the rules contained in the paint first. Do the painting process starting from the top first, starting from the ceiling, and then working your way down. Use a brush for narrow surfaces and plane edges, use a roller for large surfaces. It also needs to be considered so that the paint on the walls of the house does not get dull and peel off quickly.

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Well, those are some things that can cause house wall paint to quickly dull and peel. If you’re like to buy paint, you could buy it at supermarket bangunan by romabangunan.id


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