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Four Undeniably Important Reasons Why Colleges Should Have Swimming Pools


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Swimming is one of the most spectacular sports where you can just take the plunge and lose yourself. Whether you swim underwater or freestyle, the water gives a sense of explainable tranquillity. It is important to feel at peace every day, especially for college students who are the future of this world. And swimming is an effective way to achieve that.

Not many of you know may know, but swimming is one of the most popular sports globally. In the USA, it is the fourth most popular recreational sport, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to a March 2018 report on the Journal of the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association & Swim Australia, swimming is the #1 sport in Australia as well. As per Sport England’s Active Lives Adult Survey, about four million adults went swimming in England.

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The popularity of this sport is not the only reason why colleges should have swimming pools or classes. Let’s check out the four other key reasons why every college should make swimming a part of their curriculum.

1. Keeps the kids safe

Children are usually naturally attracted to water, somewhat like dogs, especially the Labradors. But, unlike the latter, humans are not natural swimmers. It can be life-threatening and dangerous if you are not trained in water safety. Swimming classes in colleges can assure that your parents know that you are engaging in a safe aquatic experience. The next time you go on a field trip, your parent won’t have to lose sleep worrying about you drowning in water.


The basic fundamentals of swimming classes:

  • Breathing – You need to breathe out when your head is underwater with both your nose and water
  • Floating – Instructors first teach you to float and then to kick and stroke
  • Coordination – All your body parts should be well coordinated with each other
  • Kicking – Kicking helps your body move forward when you are in the water

Swimming isn’t always about participating in competitions. Children can just learn the fundamentals of swimming so that they can have a safe experience in the waters no matter where they go. Remember, training and water safety saves lives.

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2. Brings scholarship opportunities

Whether you are a procrastinator or someone who prefers sleep to exercises, there’s a reason for you to consider swimming a necessity. It is because swimming can help you with a wide slew of scholarship opportunities. Paying hefty fees at colleges will not be a problem if you are doing good in swimming classes. The athletic scholarships pay for most of your college tuition, thereby helping you get rid of student debts.

Here are the maximum numbers of swimming scholarships under each Division:

  • NCAA Division I woman 14 men 9.9
  • Division II women 8.1 men 8.1
  • NJCAA women 15 men 15
  • NAIA women 8 men 8
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Part-time jobs are important, but they can divert you from your studies. Whether you provide Zara case study helpto juniors or develop tools like conclusion generators, it is never enough to pay the entire college debt. Scholarships, on the other hand, keep you away from debts. And swimming is an excellent medium to attain both peace and scholarships.

3. Keeps you fit

Whether you use an Oxford referencing generator for automatic citations or ask someone else to write your papers, college life will still be stressful. And staying in shape amidst such a hectic schedule is challenging. Swimming is such a sport that not only helps you get in shape but also teaches you discipline and punctuality. Both the qualities will come in handy to you irrespective of your field.

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Here are some of the major health benefits of swimming:

  • Swimming for an hour thrice every week can have positive effects on your flexibility, weight loss and heart health.
  • According to Harvard Health Publishing, a 155-pound person burns about 223 calories after swimming for just 30 minutes.
  • Swimming makes you more buoyant. It is a low-impact exercise that works wonders on your joints, muscles and bones. This simple exercise reduces almost 90% of your weight.

You can feel the impact the moment you enter the water. Your lungs tighten up, the heart pounds, and muscles contract. The feeling fades after a while, and swimming feels as comfortable and familiar as walking. You can watch various videos on the internet to know what happens to your body when you swim. This will help you understand the health benefits better.

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4. Improves your social development and socialisation skills

Homesickness on a college campus isn’t a new thing. But it is a part of adulating, and you have to learn to deal with it. Making friends in college is important lest you want the place to feel like a hell hole. At times, you need to take the initiative and break the ice. The best way to do it is by joining a swim team with a group that you share common interests.  It is easier to seek help when you are comfortable with your team. For instance, if you say ‘I cannot do my math homework’ during practice, you will find a long list of friends willing to help you out.

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The three main categories in college swimming:

  • School

A college swimmer learns not just in the classroom but from themselves and the world around them as well. It allows you to be productive and requires you to pay equal attention to studies and swimming.

  • Swim

You may have other athletic interests. But swimming is a sport that provides the fitness required in all types of sports. Also, it feels good when you are surrounded by your teammates after a long hard day and participate in a sport all of you love.

  • Socialisations

Swimming clubs have seen the maximum of friendships. It is where you can create lasting friendships while rushing over to the dining hall after practice or cheering your teammates during competitions.

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Social development is important for every kid out there. It helps you understand who you are and who others are. While swimming may seem a simple sport to you, it provides valuable life lessons such as problem-solving skills, empathy, sharing, and patience. These are the lessons you will use for the rest of your life.

Wrapping Up,

Swimming classes help you burn calories and relieve stress. They are, however, not just meant to improve your cardiovascular health or tone your whole body. You make friends, understand yourself and the others around you, boost your patience and develop a positive outlook through swimming classes. In short, swimming in college makes your life better.

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