July 19

Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions To Help You Stand Out in the Frozen Food Aisle


Food packaging sends a message to consumers as they stroll the aisles grocery shopping. With the right packaging products, you can catch customers’ eyes while meeting your business’s sustainability goals. From vitamin packaging to frozen food pouches, you can send your food to market knowing it will stand out on the shelves.

Biodegradable Packaging for Frozen Food

Sustainable packaging draws in a demographic of shoppers who want to support brands that are minimizing their impact on the environment. With biodegradable packaging, you can ensure your frozen food products are contained in an eco-friendly solution. You can find rollstock, digital printed stand up pouches and lay flat pouches that are all compostable.

Some of the benefits of biodegradable packaging include:

  • Sustainable packaging: Look for packaging free from petroleum-based plastics that can break down into non-toxic components. Microorganisms can compost this type of product in your customer’s compost bin or at a local composting facility.
  • Environmentally-conscious manufacturing: Biodegradable packaging can be produced sustainably, further contributing to a circular economy. Carbon-neutral digital printing and compostable ink minimize the effect of creating sustainable options on the environment.
  • High-performing product: You don’t have to compromise quality for sustainability. Biodegradable packaging for frozen food protects and preserves its contents, allowing you to compete with brands using conventional packaging.

Flexible Sustainable Packaging Options

Another way to catch the consumer’s eye in the frozen food aisle is to package your products in a flexible container that also meets your sustainability goals. Flexible pouches that stand up or lay flat in your customer’s freezer allow for easier storage and more space. This will stand out compared to bulkier packaging options like boxes.

Packaging features such as resealable zippers and tear notches will attract those seeking convenience. Your customer can now easily access the frozen product and save them for longer without worrying about freezer burn or spoiled food. Ensure your products are also in packaging lined with the proper protective films and barriers to prevent dehydration and oxidation.

Stand out with the design of your packaging. Work with a company that can digitally print a custom design that captures customers’ attention and your brand’s vision. Your product should be packaged in bright and vivid containers.

Sustainable packaging made from 100% polyethylene (PE) takes less energy to produce and is completely recyclable. You can also print recycling instructions and symbols on the packaging to guide customers on how to dispose of the pouch sustainably. Eco-friendly packaging doesn’t compromise quality. FDA-compliant pouches protect your food products from freezer elements with high-barrier films.

Flexible packaging also benefits your business in terms of shipping large quantities of products. These pouches and rollstock are lightweight, compact and easy to send, especially compared to other packaging materials. Save money on shipping costs and protect the environment by opting for a flexible packaging solution.

Turn to eco-friendly plastic packaging for frozen food. This solution will preserve your product, stand out on the shelf and help your business minimize its impact on the environment. Find the right green packaging option for your products and start selling sustainably.


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