March 22

Do Veneers Last For Years?


There are many people who are going for cosmetic dentistry procedures and this can be attributed to many factors. Lifestyle factors are one of the main reasons that have increased the need for cosmetic dentistry among people. One of the highly sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedures is the veneers.

So what are dental veneers? These are super-thin shells that are made from porcelain material of amazing quality and are fixed to the outer surface of your teeth using a high-quality dental adhesive. They have a color that remains the same as what a natural tooth offers and offers long-lasting results. They help to hide imperfections in your teeth and ensure that the appearance of your smile is improved significantly.

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How durable are veneers

There are different types of veneers that are available and not all of them offer equal amounts of durability. But remember that there are things that you can do to enhance the longevity of dental veneers.

Here are some of the factors that affect the durability of dental veneers.

1. Type

There are porcelain and regular veneers. Out of these, porcelain is made from a highly durable material, and this means that you can use it for up to 15 years. There is no doubt about the fact that porcelain venners quality is something that cannot be disputed. It’s way better than what general veneers offer. One of the things that porcelain veneers are known for is their longevity. Provided that they are properly cared for, these dental veneers can last for quite some time. Composite veneers which are made out of resin material are another type of veneers that are commonly used in dentistry today. However, this option is less durable than porcelain, and it’s also easier to apply. Also available are the no-prep veneers which can be installed without the need for extensive work. It helps to enhance the appearance of your teeth, while also ensuring that the enamel of your teeth is kept intact.

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2. Condition of your teeth

The state of your teeth before the installation of the veneers also determines how long the veneers will last. If your teeth are still in good condition, the veneers that are fixed will last for longer. Badly damaged teeth reduce the lifespan of the veneers by a huge margin.

3. The veneer material

No prep veneers and porcelain veneers last longer when compared to regular veneers. However, you will find these options to be more costly. But the benefit of an increased lifespan outweighs the high price.

4. Your dental hygiene

You can prolong the lifespan of your dental veneers by brushing twice every day. You will also need to ensure that you floss it. Visit your dentist once every 6 months and have your veneer teeth cleaned thoroughly.

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The Bottom Line

Depending on your lifestyle and the type of veneer that you have chosen, the lifespan of your veneer can last between five and ten years. However, to choose the best, you will evaluate your needs with your dentist and consider various factors that include the cost, both in the short and long term, the result that you would like to achieve, and the lifespan of the veneers.


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