March 27

Decorate Your Small Bathroom with Smart Ideas for a Big Impact

Do you often check out images of dreamy bathrooms with stunning tile, fancy faucets and great storage space? If yes, chances are that you won’t like your cramped, old washroom in your house! You might want to renovate it and create something more visually appealing and attractive.

There is no need to have a washroom which you don’t like! All you need is your landlord’s permission and a couple of changes. You don’t even require to make a renovation. You can get the desired changes without spending ample money and hurting your savings. This article will discuss some of the best ideas about decorating your small bathroom to add the desired pattern color and manage the storage space.

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A bathroom makeover without paint

In case, your landlord doesn’t allow painting or you feel that it will get messy, it’s essential that you get creative and opt—in for vinyl. The options that stand-up for condensation and moisture can work correctly in the bathrooms. You can opt-in for grey leather veneer that is a good, removeable, vinyl wallpaper. Additionally, there are various kinds of stick products and peel that you can opt-in for as well. For example, you can opt-in for a striped bathroom wall making use of striped made of self-adhesive vinyl stripes. You can opt-in for the 4-inch-wide rolls.

Try to install temporary vanity

Do you want to change the old oak cabinet inside your bathroom? Or do you wish that the wall-mounted sink has an in-built storage? In both the cases, you can consider using a vanity that is catered to your requirements and taste. And when the lease is up, you can carry it with you. It’s best to acquire the landlord’s consent before you install.

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The bathroom sinks


The bathroom sinks have an essential role to play in your bathroom décor. Today, you will come across several bathroom sinks that are available. Here you can always check out the vessel type bathroom sinks and opt-in for the one that caters to your requirement. Make sure that you have identified your need and budget. Also, you need to consider the fact that you are trying to decorate a small bathroom space and add better aesthetics to it.

Add plants to your bathroom

Do you want an element of jazz to your bathroom that doesn’t have luster? If yes, you can try and visit the local garden center now. A couple of house plants caters to your bathroom’s distinctive conditions, including the room temperature and the natural light can add brightness to the space with texture and color.

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You can refresh an old bathroom using paint

When you have to decorate your bathroom, you can look at paint as the silver bullet for the ugly. You can transform a beige-colored bathroom to a classy powder room if you want. If you want you can also make use of a round mirror. It can add a different dimension to your bathroom space.

You can opt-in for a rustic feature wall

Are you thinking what can you do when you have a bare, big wall? You have the option to turn it to a rather snappy feature using removeable peel along with stick floor tile. You have to use the vinyl stuff that can resist humidity and water. There are different stores that provide you with a wide range of colors, textures, and sizes that resemble lavish stone and real wood.

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Reversible and fast fixes for an unattractive bathroom floor

Do you want to disguise an unattractive bathroom floor? If yes, it’s way easier than you can conjecture. Today, several designerspropagate the use of water-resistant vinyl floor cloth which is a perfect cut for it. If you want, you can also make use of interlocking rubber floor tiles. It is available in ample colors and the ones that are available in raised dots look like ceramic penny round tile. You can use a carpet tape for securing in place.

Modernize the old bathroom using black fixtures


Using black accessories and fixtures, you can add a dramatic contrast to your white bathroom. When you install a new faucet it’s usually easy and is reversible in case the new fixtures will fit the present holes in the countertop or sink.

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Restore the vintage bathroom

Even though white and black tile comes with an enduring style, the old wallpaper which once graced the walls can often make a small space feel claustrophobic and dark. You can remove it which will make a good difference. When you swap out the scones and update all decorative accessories from cabinet knobs for showering curtain, you will see that your old bathroom will have a stylish touch.

Blend function with personality

Celebrate your personal story by customizing your bathroom with character building accents. You can choose a blend of rough-hewed and nautical elements to create a relaxing bathroom retreat that conjures good memories. You can use a recycled wire basket that develops a towel storage if you want.

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Do away with the conventional bath mat

Can you think of that one bathroom decorating idea that all should crib? It is ditching the old bath mat for getting a real rug in bright shades. In fact, it is a little change which will enhance the boring looking space. You can search the internet for inspiration to go ahead and make this change.

Whip up the concealed storage beneath the wall-mounted sink

In case your bathroom comes with a wall-mounted sink rather than the vanity cabinet, a good-looking skirt will develop a covered storage space while hiding the exposed pipes.

Stenciling is much cheap than other wallpaper.

In terms of the economics, planning to wallpaper a bathroom will cost much more than painting. However, that doesn’t mean you need to forfeit pattern for saving money. Here you can always opt-in for stenciling as that will help you change the look of the bathroom.

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These are some of the best ways to decorate your small bathroom space. At every stage, you need to remember that it’s essential to understand your bathroom décor needs and focus on the elements that will add more beauty to the space, instead of making it appear odd.


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