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Custom Eyeshadow Packaging Mistakes Everyone Makes


Over the years, the role of packaging has been shifted from just protection to many other things. Especially, in the cosmetic industry. The packaging is a vital bridge between the products and user. It determines the overall sales a brand will make. If your custom eyeshadow packaging is attractively designed, it will activate the reward center of the customers’ brain. However, in the opposite case, it will stimulate the areas of the brain associated with negative emotions. You might be putting in enough effort to makes your packaging design right. But, a little bit of mistake can cost you a business loss.

Below are some common mistakes that get repeated by the manufacturers time and again without knowing.

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1.    Complicated or Complex Design:

The factor of complexity is what you need to get rid of while designing the eyeshadow boxes. Otherwise, it will put off your clients. This is one of the fundamental mistakes as the manufacturers succumb to the temptation of putting their hands on the excessive use of colors in their design. In order to bring differentiation in the design, it is not wise to make use of diffusive graphics and clashing patterns. It is because the customers cannot comprehend the original message you wanted to convey if they come across a packaging that is visually unpleasant. For getting rid of this grave mistake, you need to restrain from getting too noisy with your visuals. Rather, the strategy of minimalism would work best for you in this context. The use of minimal fonts, related graphics, and simple-to-comprehend patterns would eliminate the complexity factor from your packaging.

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2.    Selection of the Wrong Size:

The market analysis shows that this one is a usual mistake that gets repeated time and again during the making of eyeshadow packaging. Most of the firms opt for a one-size box to fit the packaging needs of all different products just for the sake of saving few pennies. But, they are incapable of understanding the fact that they would be incurring themselves the payment of more money this way. It is because irregular-sized packages result in the destruction of the integrity of the inside items. For instance, the larger boxes are powerless in restricting the movement of the inside products, and as a result, the chances of damage occurrence are higher.

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In the opposite case, where the boxes are smaller in relation to the size of inside items, there is a large probability of the items popping out and getting harmed by the extraneous elements. The perfect situation to evade this type of damage is the designing of eyeshadow packages in a precise size as per the dimensions of products.

3.    Misleading the People:

Deliberately creating the impression through the eyeshadow packaging that the product inside delivers more than it really does is a serious blunder that often gets seen in the market. Many brands think that misleading the clients is a good way to earn a quick sale and boost their revenue. While they may be true if they are thinking of running a business for only a limited time because they cannot make sales time and again through this strategy. Tricking or misleading your clientless is a great marketing sin that breaks away their trust in your brand. As a result, this lack of trust leads to their promise to themselves that they would never buy from you again. Not to mention, your business may be sued by the regulatory authorities over the crime of misleading the clients.

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So, make sure that you deliver the correct knowledge of your products through the eyeshadow packages in order to win sales from customers.

4.    Deficiency of Diversity:

The final objective of the eyeshadow boxes is to make the visitors stop and look at the items. But, what will happen if they are looking like your rival or competing brands? It might lead up to ignorance of your items, or the buyers may choose your competitors by mistake. There is no problem in taking inspiration from the top rival brands. But it is not good at all to copy their artwork and designs. Maintain your own originality by taking a different approach. Select your own artwork for your packages to not to look like others. If you want to make your items stand out, you must make design choices that reflect your brand identity and fascinate the buyers as well.

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5.    Lack of Convenience Factor:

The customers are simple creatures who like things, which bring ease to their lives and do not cause any difficulty. But, often, the manufacturers ignore this cardinal rule of offering ease to their user base through the packaging. The eyeshadow packages that are difficult to open or carry around make the people feel highly inconvenient, and there is even the name of this feeling, “wrap rage.” It is not a fun experience since it discourages people from performing repeat purchases from your business. To avoid this kind of mistake, you need to be mindful of the experience of the clients.fAt first, you need to make eyeshadow packages light in weight which is only possible by reducing their density. After that, you need to ensure smooth functioning by making them easy to open and close without any difficulty.

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To sum up, there are several mistakes that packaging manufacturers avoid while they are designing the custom eyeshadow packaging for their cosmetic products. We have compiled a list of the faults. And along with that, we have also provided the solution of correcting those mistakes. Make sure you do not repeat these common errors. So that you can elevate the experience of customers and give a boost to your net sales.



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