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Coinbase vs Kraken: Which has Lower Fees?


As cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity, one thing remains constant: their price. While some altcoins have seen their value soar and become more widely accepted by merchants, the majority of them remain fairly volatile. This makes it difficult for everyday people to purchase them with fiat currency, and it also makes it difficult for merchants who want to accept crypto payments.


Coinbase Fee


When you send money through Coinbase, it’s converted into USD and held in your account until you’re ready to spend it. Coinbase charges a fee of 1% per transaction. The fee is deducted from your bank account once the funds are available. This fee is separate from the standard bank transfer or credit card fees that most other financial institutions charge. If you want to avoid paying this fee, consider using a debit card instead of credit or debit cards.

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The Kraken vs Coinbase fees charge to trade cryptocurrencies is an important factor to consider when making a decision on which exchange to use. Both exchanges have different trading fees, but they are not the same. Here is a breakdown of how each exchange charges their users:




Kraken charges zero fees on all trades. This means that there are no account fees, withdrawal fees or other hidden charges. If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency using fiat currency, Kraken will charge a small fee for converting your crypto into fiat currency. This fee varies between 1% – 3% depending on the exchange rate at the time of conversion.

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Coinbase has both low and high trading fees depending on the currency pair being traded and whether or not you are buying or selling bitcoin (BTC). For example, if you want to buy $10 worth of Bitcoin from Coinbase and pay with USD, there will be a 2.7% fee charged by Coinbase for this transaction. If you want to sell $10 worth of Bitcoin for USD at current market rates, there will be another 1-2% hidden fee added onto this sale transaction by Coinbase itself


The Kraken exchange is a popular platform for trading cryptocurrency, especially since it offers leveraged trading in pairs like Bitcoin/Ethereum. The exchange has been around since 2011, and has grown to become one of the largest exchanges in the world.

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Kraken has a reputation for being extremely user-friendly and easy to use, but its fees are higher than Coinbase’s. Kraken charges 0.26% taker fees on trades, while Coinbase charges 0.15%.

Kraken is the more popular cryptocurrency exchange among traders, while Coinbase has a larger customer base and higher fees.


The most notable difference between the two exchanges is that Kraken charges a flat fee of 0.1% per trade, whereas Coinbase charges 0.25% for all transactions.


Another key difference is that Kraken does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals in this site fiat currencies such as USD or CAD. This allows users to make deposits from their bank accounts without incurring any transaction fees or delays.

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In contrast, Coinbase requires users to pay a 1% fee for fiat currency deposits, which can be avoided by depositing cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH into an exchange account instead.


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which is better for you


Kraken is a great exchange. It’s relatively new, but it’s already been around long enough to have a lot of solid reviews. It also has a feature that makes it easy to buy and sell digital currency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The main reason Kraken beats Coinbase is because it’s more user-friendly than the latter.In this which is better for you For example, Kraken allows users to buy BCH directly from their mobile app, whereas Coinbase requires users to first purchase BTC on the platform before trading it for BCH. You can also deposit fiat currencies into your Kraken account like USD or EUR through your bank account or credit card, which isn’t an option with Coinbase at all.

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On the downside, Kraken doesn’t have as many coins listed as Coinbase does, although it does offer some popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The platform also charges higher fees than Coinbase does for many of its transactions (although this varies depending on the coin). If you’re looking for an easy way to get started buying crypto without much hassle, though, Kraken is an excellent choice!



coinbase vs kraken: which has lower fees?

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