March 7

Can a VoIP Phone System Make Your Business Communication More Secure and Functional?


How did your business respond to the Covid-19 lockdown? Did you fret about the challenges of having staff working from a variety of different locations? For most, there was no negative impact on business continuity. Happy employees, employers, and customers!

This was mostly down to having the right technology.  Upgrading business systems to unify communications has been at the forefront of many, with a VoIP phone system being a very popular choice.


But, still, many have yet to adopt new technologies to future-proof their business. One of the obvious realities about business is that changes are always happening, especially in the area of communication. More than any other time in history, business phone systems globally are rapidly evolving. As such, lateness in upgrading an office phone system could bring many problems and a company may never reach its highest potential.

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You may have heard phrases like VoIP phones and cloud-based telephony, but what is VoIP and how can it benefit my business? Therefore, many companies are now using cloud PBX systems so they can secure their data on the cloud.


What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP provides the ability to make and receive calls digitally over an internet connection.

You can use a VoIP phone like a regular phone. A VoIP phone can do everything a regular landline or mobile phone can. The only difference is that your voice is communicated via an internet connection rather than copper lines. There are several VoIP phone systems available on the market. With an extensive feature list as standard, it is one of the most popular VoIP business phone systems around.

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VoIP is usually viewed as the basis of a Unified Communications Strategy. All internal and external communications are moved onto a digital platform, and users can move seamlessly between different communication modes. They share global address books and can communicate directly with a customer or colleague from the address book, or even an email address. Cloud PBX is very cost-efficient and very secure. Companies can easily save their data on the cloud.

How to Protect a VoIP Phone System?

To protect your voice over the IP phone system, you must first understand the common threats that VoIP systems face. Then, you can identify the signs of a VoIP security attack and take steps to resolve it.

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VoIP System Vulnerabilities

Since small businesses or voice-over IP systems work over the internet, they are more susceptible to hackers than traditional phone systems. However, thankfully, there are ways to keep your system secure even as it runs over the internet. So, what are some VoIP vulnerabilities to be aware of? Read on to learn more.


The wrong security systems

The tendency with new devices is to use default settings and passwords. However, that can leave room for security breaches. Configure VoIP credentials accurately and securely.


Using VoIP over Random WiFi Networks

Using VoIP on public or shared WiFi or internet networks can allow for easy hacking and security attacks. Use a secure home or office WiFi or business network for VoIP security.

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VoIP Phishing Schemes

VoIP scam calls occur when a caller pretends to be from a credible and legit business and inquires about sensitive information regarding your company. Avoid giving sensitive information over the phone to any party not directly affiliated with your business and report scams to your IT department.


Attacks on your Business Network

Similar to attacks via WiFi, a company’s business network can be hacked as well. Attacks on a business’s communication or internet network affect their voice over IP phone system security.


Viruses Attacking the System

The internet is generally prone to malware and viruses, making its applications, software, files, and VoIP system vulnerable. To combat this, invest in reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software and ensure these are up to date.



Final Thoughts

Many companies are now using a VoIP Phone system and they are getting successful. If you are bored of using an old office phone which provides no benefits and costs a little extra. IPPBX is providing its VoIP services to many small businesses in the USA. This means, as long as there’s an internet connection, you have the same high-quality, crystal clear phone service you’d have if you were on the phone in the office.



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