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Builders Merchant – What You Need To Know


Builders Merchant is a leading supplier of building materials in the UK. The company has been around since 1855 and was set up by Richard Caring, who was a carpenter and engineer. In his early years, he started his business by manufacturing ironmongery and brickwork, later on, he expanded into building railway platforms and engines. His business flourished until the First World War when everything in Britain was affected by the economic downturn. Builders Merchants UK saw a chance to make their losses back and so they invested a lot of money in improving their infrastructure.


They bought raw materials from different manufacturers and sold them at lower prices, with the aim of making a profit. They employed professional sales staff to sell the goods and also kept on selling goods as demand increased. This enabled them to hire out other types of skills such as electricians and plumbers. These days, DIY is a popular pastime for people who want to get involved in home construction, as well as doing renovations and alterations to their homes. The demand for DIY skills has led to the growth of Builders Merchants UK who has seen a rise in sales over the last few years.

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There are many DIY stores scattered all around the country. Some of them sell mainly bricks and concrete, while others have a wide range of supplies. At Builders Merchant, you can find everything that you need to construct a variety of structures, from simple one-story houses to large stately homes. You can buy all the materials you need at wholesale prices; you will find all kinds of power tools, including concrete hammers, handrails, pipes, light fittings, and roofing materials, as well as a selection of glues, paints, and sealants. You can also buy all your building supplies at reduced prices from Builders Merchants UK. If you are new to DIY, you can get some basic instruction booklets from the store.

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Most DIY enthusiasts will be happy to know that Builders Merchants UK also stocks a range of accessories and supplies, such as PVC pipes, electric wiring, banners, and vinyl stickers. You can also purchase DIY power tools from the Builders Merchants UK website. You can browse through the accessories list to see what is available, and how much they cost from Builders Merchant. For example, if you need an anchor for your fence, you can order one from the store, along with the necessary anchors and stakes. If you are planning on renovating or repairing your property, you can order windows, doors, and skylights from the Builders Merchant so that you do not have to search for these items yourself.

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One of the most popular DIY items sold at Builders Merchants UK is the Builders Barn. This is a great addition to your home, and it does not take long to set up. The store has a variety of barn plans available, and you can build a barn anywhere within the premises of your choice. Some of the barn designs available include plans for small storage units, as well as larger ones suitable for housing horses or other livestock. The Builders Barn plan can be used for constructing a small chicken coop, a simple horse pen, or a large livestock barn suitable for housing multiple animals.

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DIY enthusiasts looking to purchase some new products for their homes or businesses will be pleased to know that Builders Merchants UK stocks a wide range of new products designed to help you renovate, repair, or improve your home or office. In particular, you will find a selection of timber frames, including custom-made architectural frames suitable for renovations or extensions. These frames come in a variety of sizes and styles, and Builders Merchants UK features a large selection of timber frames. Timber frames are especially useful for DIYers who want to add a new look to their home but do not wish to make any structural changes.

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Builders Merchants UK customers may also purchase some DIY roofing products, such as new roof shingles, siding, and associated items. Many DIY roofers will prefer to purchase the items from Builders Merchants UK, as they can get high quality and expert advice along with great deals. However independent builders and tradespeople who wish to stock a wide selection of roofing materials will also find a selection of retailers from which to choose. For instance, independent builders and tradespeople looking to buy sheet glass may prefer to visit Frame & Glass Works or Leasing House. Alternatively, customers may wish to visit Builders Merchants UK where they can buy all of their industrial building supplies, including steel sheets.

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Customers looking for electrical and telephone supplies will also find a selection of retailers at Builders Merchants UK. You may need to call around to find out more about the suppliers offering your type of product, and to find out whether they have a local retail presence in your local area. Some Builders Merchants UK offer online ordering capabilities, so if you do not live near any of the retailers in your area you will be able to order the products you need from the comfort of your own home. With a Builders merchant, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping from the convenience of your own home, whilst saving yourself time and money by buying goods from a reputable and specialist builders’ merchant.



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