January 17

Boss Fires IT Guy, Makes Him Delete All The Files Despite Being Advised Not To, Realizes His Mistake Too Late


No one likes being replaced at their job, especially if your substitute is a cheaper software grad while you have spent years working hard and earning yourself a name. Well, this is what happened to one experienced programmer, Redditor Oldman712, whose job was “to design and write software prototypes for individual high-value customers.”

Then, one day management changed and he was told he was no longer needed and that he had two weeks to train a new guy. But there was one catch. “Having done this work for years, I’ve accumulated a disk farm of past projects, which can be very useful when a customer asks for something just like we did last year, but with a small change or two,” wrote the author. So he ended up having “$1000 of personal disk drives with old customer data on them,” which was really bugging the management.

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Ordered to delete them all before leaving, Oldman712 tried his best to convince the manager that this was not exactly the smartest idea. But hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Scroll down through the whole story below, and be sure that malicious compliance was served and regrets were had. Big ones.

The experienced programmer has shared how he was replaced at his job by a cheaper new grad and the office drama that followed

Image credits: lilzidesigns (not the actual photo)

The new manager also ordered the author to delete his $1k worth of drives with all the company’s old customer data on them and didn’t take no for an answer

Image credits: oldman712

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