March 27

Best Drunk Games to Play with Siblings


Are you looking for incredibly fun drunk games that you can play with your siblings during your next family get together meeting? There are lots of interesting games that you can choose from. 

Here are some of the most fascinating drink games that you can try today.

1. Drink, Drank Drunk Game

This is definitely one of the top web based drinking games that has been created in recent times. It offers 150+ cards and is incredibly fun. Fortunately, Drink, Drank, Drunk Game is a free to play game, and if you don’t have someone to play with, you can try to join the new Discord Server and have fun.

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2. Never Have I Ever

Main requirement: Drinks

Never Have I Ever is a fun game to play if you want to learn about your friends’ secrets. 

You must share something you’ve never done before, and those who have will take a sip from their drink. When I say, “I’ve never ever been rained on,” for example, everyone in the group who has been rained on will get a drink. The goal is to get your pals to confess their crazy stories, so be careful what you say!

3. Dizzy Bat

Instead of the  conventional Thanksgiving family soccer game, try dizzy bat, another drinking  game that actually highlights the athletic capability of the family’s stars. All you’ll want is a wiffle ball bat and, of course, beer to go with it. The bat holds a full beer, which you must drink before spinning around a handful of times equal to the number of minutes it took you to drink it. Dizzy bat is the ideal game for all those jerks in your family who consistently believe they are the best at almost everything and want to humiliate everyone by running forward just to fall flat on their faces.

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4. Thumper

Main requirements: Drinks

This is a quick and simple game that’s considered best when people begin falling asleep! 

All you have to do is gather around a table and choose a hand gesture for yourself. You may choose a victory sign or to let your imagination run wild. The game starts with everyone thudding at the table. You begin with your hand action but then perform somebody else’s action whilst others continue to thump. Now, the individual who performed the hand action continues to repeat his action, as does the person whose turn he wishes to take next. Whoever makes a mistake or takes ages to react drinks. To make the game more fun, you could make a noise for everyone and perform both the action as well as the sound. It’s as simple as that!

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5. Attached at the Hip

This game is a great ice breaker for your visitors and will bring them closer together, literally! 

So you jot down body parts on scraps of paper and assemble them. Everyone forms a two-person team and chooses two chits. They must ensure that the parts of the body that are mentioned in the chits touch or get attached for quite a long time. They must ensure that the parts of the body that are mentioned in the chits touch or get attached for quite a long time.  They take aim each time an individual separates.



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