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Best and cute ways to celebrate a first wedding anniversary


The first anniversary of the marriage is very special for everyone. Every couple remains very excited about it. But also they are very confused, how to celebrate the first anniversary so that it becomes memorable forever. If you are also a new couple and your first wedding anniversary is coming then this post will be very helpful for you. Because we have brought the cute and best ways to celebrate the first wedding anniversary here which you can do on your first wedding anniversary.

Record Memory in Video

If there is some special moment of life then it should be captured. Because these captured memories bring a smile to your face. That’s why not forget to make a video on your first wedding anniversary. Whenever you see this video, then it will feel that you are on the occasion of your first wedding anniversary. When you have to remember your first Wedding Anniversary, this video can play and go again in the old moment of that happiness.

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Book Movie Ticket

Every couple celebrates their First wedding anniversary in their way and tries to do something new. You can go with your partner to see a romantic movie on the day of your first wedding anniversary and make it special. Although it is common to see the movie, that is why nothing will be new on the occasion of the happiness of your first wedding anniversary. But, it will increase your love.

Book Cruise For Party

 everyone gives a party on their wedding anniversary. Someone gives a party at their home or hotel or any restaurant. But if you book a cruise for a wedding anniversary then it will be different from all these. If you are not celebrating your first wedding anniversary with your family member or relative then you can also celebrate your first wedding anniversary on a cruise alone. Celebrating your first wedding anniversary on a cruise won’t be a better place than it. All around the sea, the open sky and the moon and the stars in the sky, this beauty of nature will make your first wedding anniversary atmosphere more romantic.

  • Book Photo Session
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People capture photos to remember every happiness of life or record videos. That is why you also can book a photo session so that you can capture a beautiful moment with your partner on your first wedding anniversary. You also can hang one of the first wedding anniversary photos in your bedroom, which always reminds you of your first Wedding Anniversary and brings a smile to your face.

Write about Whole Day of Anniversary

You can write the best moments of your first wedding anniversary on paper and keep it forever as a memory. It will make you happy whenever you read this paper.

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 Enjoy Eating Piece of Cake

The cake is a must for every happy moment of life. So you can order a cake or you can also make it at your home with your partner. After that, you can celebrate your first wedding anniversary by enjoying the piece of cake.

Go For Long Drive

 Couples can also go on the long drive on their first wedding anniversary. You can have a romantic conversation in your car during a long drive. What can be a better romantic moment than spending time in the silence of the night and having a romantic talk?

Spend time in the nature

 There is no place more beautiful than nature. Most couples celebrate their wedding anniversary at their home or a good place. On the day of your anniversary, if you spend a few moments above the grassland under the open sky, it will be quite a happy moment. You would like to stop at this moment. This moment will make you quite comfortable and peaceful.

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 Buy memorable gifts for each other

Without a gift, a Wedding Anniversary is incomplete. The couple is quite confused about what they should give to each other.

 If you have learned well about your partner’s choice within 1 year of your marriage, then it will not be difficult for you to buy a gift. But, if you do not know well about your partner’s likes and dislikes, then you can give a gift of your choice. Your partner loves you a lot so she/he will like every gift given by you.


I hope you liked these ways of celebrating your first wedding anniversary. You can also send best wishes quotes or use other ways to make your anniversary special besides them. So also share them on your social media accounts.



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