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Applying for an Emergency Passport? – Here is a list of things you Need to Know


The first thing you need to remember when applying for an emergency passport is to keep calm. The next thing that must be considered is the time constraint and the cost. Finally, you are required to demonstrate your travel itinerary; therefore, make sure that you have planned about it before your passport application process.

Messing up with an emergency passport could cost your travel; hence it is recommended to cross-check the information that you have provided in your passport application. The passport services in Santa Monica can help you with your passport application process and the other things that must be taken care of.

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Emergency Passport – What is it?

An emergency passport is applied when you need a new passport urgently. It also involves the renewal of a passport or other services during emergency situations that include serious illnesses, deaths, or injuries to an immediate family member that requires travel outside the U.S. within three business days. When applying for a passport under such circumstances, it is required to submit a life-or-death emergency reason.

When you are planning to travel within 6-8 weeks, then you need not give any emergency reason. However, if you have to travel within three weeks, get your passport expedited through the Santa Monica passport expedite agency.

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How to Get an Emergency Passport?

One can apply for an emergency passport in two ways.

  • Apply directly through the United States travel state gov
  • Private passport agency

One can get an emergency passport through the Travel.State.Gov – U.S. Passports. When applying, you need the following documents:

  1. The specific passport application form (new passport, lost/stolen passport, passport renewal, or other passport services) with the supporting documents.
  2. Proof of life–or–death emergency. To avoid rejections, make sure that all the submitted documents are translated into English.
  3. Proof of travel itinerary

Contacting the right passport agency can help you to apply for an emergency passport. It offers an advantage where you can get your passport in 24 hours. In addition, the availability of the detailed procedure makes the application process quick and less confusing.

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What Documents are Required for an Emergency Passport?

It is vital to attach and submit the right documents when applying for an emergency passport. Anything missing can make delays in your travel plans, or it could also lead to rejections. Thus, one must be extra careful or could take assistance from the passport services in Santa Monica.

Have a look at an emergency passport checklist for the documents

  1. Specific form for your application (DS-82 or DS-11)
  2. Two passport photos with a white background of size 2″ x 2″.
  3. Original or certified U.S. birth certificate. In case of renewal, attach an expired U.S. passport or submit an original naturalization certificate.
  4. Attach a Proof of Identities such as a government-issued photo I.D. or a valid driver’s license
  5. Call for Letter of Authorization
  6. Get ready with travel itinerary
  7. Money Order or pay a Certified Check to the U.S. Department of State.
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What is the time period to get an emergency passport?

When there is life–or–death emergencies, the U.S. department issues an emergency passport issued within three business days (72 hours). This time is taken when you apply directly through the United States travel state gov.

When applying through the Santa Monica Passport expedite, you can get an emergency passport in as soon as 24hours. However, it must be noted here that additional charges are taken to speed up your application process.

How Having a Passport is Beneficial?

A passport is an essential form of identification. When planning to travel to another country, it is important to have a passport to prove your identity and nationality.

  • Identification
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A passport is the most reliable form of identification. The U.S. Department of State issues a U.S. passport which is impossible to forge. This makes it an irrefutable form of identification.

  • Proof of Citizenship

Without being a citizen of a certain country, one cannot have a passport to that country. Thus, your passport proves your citizenship. So when there is any question against your citizenship, you can prove it to the authorities by showing your passport and clear up the confusion quickly.

  • Travel

A U.S. citizen must have a U.S. passport while traveling to other countries. Having a U.S. passport as a proof is important while traveling in a foreign country.

  •  Helps in Keeping Track of Your Travel Record History
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There are pages in every passport. These pages are stamped while traveling to another country. These stamps are entered by the country, containing the country name in which you are traveling. It makes a passport a good tool that tracks all the information regarding where you have been. It also acts as a reminder of where you want to go.


To get a new passport in the United States, you need to start with filing up an application form. The process ends with the submission of the form with all the mandatory documents. You can contact the trusted passport services in Santa Monica to speed up your passport and visa process.



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