November 23

An Ultimate Guide to an Accessible Bathroom Design for Elderly


Are you stepping into old age? Are you considering making specific changes to your bathroom for your safety? Do you have a senior parent with you at home or a person with a disability? In any of the cases above, you have to make renovations to your home.

 The most important place that needs the most attention and you shouldn’t ignore is the bathroom. So, let’s discuss it and elaborate on the most mandatory changes and the mobility equipment you need in your bathroom. 

Best Bathroom Modification Services

If you are looking for the best Bathroom Modification Services in New Jersey, keep reading this informative article. Because, at last, we will reveal the name of one of the famous companies that help you deal with your disability. 

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Below are the details of the services and mobility equipment that make your bathroom more accessible. 

Walk-in Tubs for Handicapped and Seniors

Walk-in tubs are modern and modified bathtubs that give the disabled and elderly a safe and convenient bathing experience. 

As its name shows, ‘walk-in’ exhibits that it allows the user to step in and out quickly, instead of climbing in and out or stepping high. 

One of the best things about these showers is that we design them to fit any standard cutaways as they fit in their layout. 

So, no matter what type of bathroom you have, if you have a standard cutaway, then a modern standard walk-in tub is for your bathroom. 

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Walk-in Shower for people with Low Mobility

When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you might look for bathroom design services for the elderly. 

While remodeling your bathroom for people with reduced mobility, it is essential to consider their long-term needs. 

A walk-in shower is another essential modification that permits you to enter the shower without stepping in the high threshold—these showers eliminate all the hazards for the disabled.

Whether you have a disability of growing old, with the help and exciting features of walk-in showers, you can shower quickly and safely. 

Some of the vital installations with these showers and tubs are handheld showers and grab bars for the elderly. 

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In short, if you want to take a bath without slipping and falling in the bathroom, then a perfect solution is the walk-in tubs and walk-in showers. 

Both of these modifications help you to maximize safety at affordable rates. 

There are some other features and mobility equipment that enhance your accessibility in the bathroom. So, let’s discuss them.

Handheld Showers Make Bathing Easy

When you are not physically independent or have physical issues, then taking a shower becomes difficult. This is where a handicapped handheld shower comes into the ground and wins the game. 

Handheld showers are flexible, which means anyone can control and use them efficiently. Because the disabled person doesn’t have to move towards them, they can approach that with a seated position. 

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Moreover, they are versatile, so you can easily find out a perfect one for you, and the process of their installation is also easy. With the help of this shower, the bathing experience of the elderly and handicapped becomes more accessible and safer.

Maintain your Balance with Grab Bars

Do you need support while standing or sitting on the toilet seat, or getting out of the showers? Grab bars for the elderly are perfect and suitable for the shower, bathroom, and near the toilet area to give additional support to the disabled. 

Grab bars are one of those tools that you can install anywhere in your home so that the disabled or senior family members can quickly move around in the house. These bars increase the safety and accessibility of disabled people. 

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Why are all of these modifications important?

Now, a question arises: Why should you install this equipment, and what benefits do they offer? So, let’s jump and explore the advantages of the services as mentioned earlier and tools.

Advantages of Having Bathroom Accessible Modifications

All of the services I discussed earlier come with many benefits and make your bathroom handicapped accessible. 

  • The services make the showering experience more accessible and safer for both the disabled and senior people.
  • Safety of your bathroom increases, when you install grab bars, walk-in showers, walk-in tubs.
  • Bathroom modifications prevent the risk of falls and prevent accidents or serious injuries. 
  • Anyone can take a shower without the assistance of any other person. 
  • All of the services boost the self-confidence of the handicapped and older people to live their lives fully. 
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Closing Remarks!

If you want to invest in your bathroom and make a bathroom look more stylish and accessible, you need professionals. SPN Construction Mobility is a company that provides the best Bathroom Modification Services in Pennsylvania. We have design experts in our team that doesn’t destroy the look of your bathroom while making such changes. So, get ready and let us build a trendy and convenient bathroom for you. 



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