September 20

7 Lockdown Workouts To Help Your Wellbeing


Even though the Covid-19 situation is improving around the world thanks to the availability of vaccines, there are still countries that have high positivity rates due to new variants and people who still refuse to get vaccinated. Even though things are normalizing, many countries are still under lockdown to eliminate Covid-19 from their country. If your city is going through a lockdown, then one place that you can’t visit is your gym, and for many of us, going to a gym is a very essential part of our day.

It not only keeps us in shape, but it’s also great for our mental well bring. So, now that the gyms are closed, how do you stay in shape? You cannot buy gym equipment for your house, as it’ll cost a lot of money. In this post, we’ll talk about 10 home-based workouts. For some of these workouts, you might need minor gym equipment like free weights and a resistance band. However, for most of the workouts mentioned in this post, you won’t need any gym equipment to get in shape.

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1. Pushups

Probably the most popular home-based workout that is quite effective and does not require any equipment as well. Pushups target various muscle groups, including your chest, arms, and shoulders. To target different parts of your body, you can perform different variations of pushups such as decline pushups, one-hand pushups, etc. The great thing about pushups is that it is a very versatile workout and is highly effective as you are lifting your body weight. It’s also a great workout for beginners who have to build their core and muscle foundation before hitting the gym for bodybuilding. This exercise also improves your body posture significantly and if you want to build strong abs, pushups are very important.

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2. Planks

If you think a minute passes by too quickly, you haven’t done planks yet. Planks might look simple, but they are some of the most impactful workouts out there. If you want to lose some extra weight that you gained during the lockdown, planks can be a very effective workout for you. Planks directly target your core sheds extra fat from your belly. It’s great for people who are trying to get rid of the dad bod that they developed during the lockdown. Planks also strengthen your core, abdomen muscles, hips, and lower back, improving your posture and maintain the stability of your body for weightlifting workouts that you’ll be doing once gyms open. Planks are also great for metabolism and flexibility. Doing just 1 minute of plank every day can bring noticeable changes in your body.

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3. Skipping

High-intensity workouts (HIIT) are also great for losing weight and improving your metabolism. There are several HIIT workouts that you can do to lose some extra calories, and one of such workouts is skipping. Skipping is an easy, reliable, and effective home workout that can lose as much as 10 calories per minute.  Skipping improves the overall fitness of your body and because it is a HIIT workout, skipping targets your whole body and helps you trim down extra fat from all parts of your body as it does not target a specific group of muscles. Other than losing fat, skipping also helps you strengthen your legs, buts, belly, shoulders, and arms. Skipping also improves your stamina, makes you feel active throughout the day. It’s overall a great exercise to remain in shape, shed extra calories, and remain healthy.

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4. Yoga

There are several Yoga varieties to choose from to achieve different fitness goals. However, Yoga is also a great stress buster and something people need to do to eliminate the stress and panic being caused by this ongoing pandemic. Yoga helps ease anxiety, physical tension and also improves your body’s flexibility. Yoga is very important for your mental and physical strength. If you want to achieve fitness goals, in lockdown without doing cardio or HIIT, yoga can be a great alternative. Not only your flexibility will improve, but you can also target specific muscle groups and improve your overall physical and mental health. Also, it is recommended to do yoga on a gym mat.

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5. Walking/ Jogging/ Running

One of the most basic cardio workouts is simple body movement through running, walking or jogging. This exercise mostly targets your legs but is also targets other parts of your body to some extent as well. You can wear a mask and go to a nearby place for a walk/run if lockdown restrictions are not that strict. If you have a treadmill at your house, then doing this exercise won’t be a problem for you. However, if your city is observing strict lockdowns, you should rather stick to walking inside your house or going for other home workouts.

6. Ab Rollers/Wheels

Now, to perform this workout, you need to buy this, however, this little gym accessory is not very expensive. You can easily get it for around 10 pounds. The workout is extremely difficult and creates a massive impact on your core. Other than working on your abs, Ab rollers also help you work on hip and thigh muscles. This exercise also helps you improve your body’s flexibility and stability. It’s a great workout for someone who wants to get their abs back in the lockdown.

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7. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are also something you can buy and keep in your house. You can either buy dumbbells of fixed weights, or you can buy a small rod with some plates. Dumbbell Curves can be done in many ways to impact different parts of your biceps. Other than curls, there are also many other exercises that you can do by using dumbbells that target body parts like shoulders, triceps, forearms, legs, back, core, and abs.

These are the workouts that you can do to stay fit during the lockdown. Remember, you have to be committed to your health and should treat this lockdown as an opportunity to get back in shape, especially for those who have to sit 8-9 hours in their office without any significant physical activity.



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