September 28

5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on Long Road Trips for the Holidays


It’s always stressful enough taking a trip across town to visit Grandma and Grandpa for an evening but imagine a two-week long road trip with much of the time being spent in the car. Everyone is excited about it now but what about when all three kids start getting restless and it will be hours before your next stop? There must be some way to keep them content, if not happy, until you can safely stop again. Take heart parents, there are some things you can do to keep the fighting and fidgeting to a minimum. We can’t promise a total absence of chaos, but these tips should help.

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1. Keep Plenty of Snacks on Board

If there is one thing all kids love to do it would be to eat. However, this doesn’t mean you will easily get them to eat veggie slices and dip but there are relatively healthy snacks which aren’t loaded with sugar. Reward them with a mini bag of chips for good behavior and you’ll be surprised at how quiet they can be when you promise a mini bag of Takis or Cheetos! Just remember to keep drinks to a minimum on the road or you’ll be taking a bathroom break every half hour.

2. Download New Movies at Each Layover

Before heading out, make sure you have a laptop built for streaming media. It’s not that you’ll have connectivity on the road, but you can download movies each evening for them to watch the next day in the car. You’ll want something like the latest generation Lenovo laptop for streaming because there is nothing worse than listening to a million complaints when their movies hang up!

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3. I Spy Games with Prizes

This is a travel game that dates back as far as there were cars on the road capable of taking long haul road trips. It doesn’t always have to be the old standby, “I Spy a Color” so be creative. Perhaps you can spot cows, horses, trucks, farms, deer and you name it. Let the winner choose the next movie or perhaps be the kid in the middle who gets to hold the laptop for the movie. Get creative and see how easy it is to keep them entertained.

4. Cameras for Photos Along the Way

It wasn’t long ago that a 1MP camera cost more than a mid-range laptop today. You can get a bargain basement cellphone for less than $50 that has an 8MP rear camera and the capacity to add SD cards for storage. Kids will love photo journaling their road trip.

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5. Handheld Games

If you choose that mobile device wisely, you can also go to the Play Store and download games for them to play. You won’t need two devices this way. That inexpensive cellphone, while not having all the bells and whistles of the latest 5G models, will have the capacity to download free games to keep them busy.

Just remember to plan your stops strategically. Try to work bathroom breaks in with mealtimes and places of interest along the way. As on final bit of advice, it is better to take shorter trips, even though you’ll see less. This way the kids can get out and do what kids love to do best. That would be jump around like a pack of Mexican jumping beans. You’re all set now parents, so have fun. It’s a trip they’ll never forget.

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1. Keep Plenty of Snacks on Board, 2. Download New Movies at Each Layover, 3. I Spy Games with Prizes, 4. Cameras for Photos Along the Way, 5 ways to keep kids entertained on long road trips for the holidays, 5. Handheld Games

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