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5 Creative Ways To Design Custom Mailer Boxes


Custom mailer boxes offer a fantastic unboxing experience and are perfect for marketing your brands. Moreover, mailer boxes are an ideal packaging option for relatively larger products or even several little products. 

However, the primary purpose of mailer packaging is to deliver products to consumers securely and efficiently. But custom mailer boxes packaging can also be used to enhance brand awareness or to boost sales. 

Mailer boxes are the first choice for subscription box companies and many other brands as they are mainly designed to store and send products. However, a well-designed mailer packaging box can help buyers choose the right product. A recent study shows that 40% of buyers said that mailer product boxes make them more likely to share their experiences and recommend the products to their friends. Above all, that is why the box’s design plays an important role. 

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How To Design Attractive Mailer Boxes? 

Did you know that simply displaying your products in a box does not help you generate more avenues?

A recent survey proves that 71% of customers said they were more likely to buy products with appealing packaging. These packages also use paper or cardboard rather than other materials like bubble wrap or plastic. Furthermore, 63% of those buyers said that cardboard material gives the products a premium or high-quality look. 

So all you need is to select the quality material and go for trendy design ideas to stand out from the competition. Thus a unique custom mailer box makes the whole package opening experience unforgettable for your buyers. So think about those packaging ideas that help your brand pop up in the market. 

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Below you will find creative tips you need to follow when it comes to designing mailer box packaging:

Kraft Mailer Boxes 

Kraft material is a popular material due to its eco-friendly and biodegradable nature. When it comes to custom mailer boxes, custom kraft boxes packaging is easy to handle and carry. Furthermore, it’s safe for our environment as they are made of high-quality pine materials and are entirely recyclable. 

Besides kraft, you can also choose corrugated and cardboard materials to ensure more safety for fragile products. 

Go For Inserts

When a product is displayed amazingly, customers are automatically attracted to it. It lures more people, but it also plays a significant role in making your brand unforgettable.

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Inserts play a significant role in keeping the product in place and providing an extra safety layer. However, some products must be fragile, so consider that packaging would be ideal. Moreover, you can also go for customization inserts depending on the size and shape of the products.  

Adding Stickers Or Logos

A great way to add a customization touch is through adding labels and stickers. Hence, these additional features could give an aesthetic appeal to your custom mailer boxes. In addition, in this way, you can educate buyers about the brand, product, and usage if used as a tagline. Some companies also add die-cut stickers inside for buyers as a memorable gift from the brand.

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Kraft And White Scheme

Some people choose bold designs and attractive patterns in mailer packaging. At the same time, others may opt for a minimalistic design such as white or plain kraft. Furthermore, a unique and simple design would be perfect for enhancing your brand values as a simple color scheme correlates with minimalism and simplicity. 

Give Finishing Touch 

Hot stamping is stylish to make your mailer packaging boxes more glowing and innovative. Furthermore, you can easily add a glossy finish to your gift products using various foils. Likewise, the result is a unique, appealing piece of the pattern. 

Furthermore, you can create an excellent festival theme on your packaging boxes by adding aesthetic hot stamping to your gift boxes, including your logo.

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Last Words

Custom mailer boxes with elegant and attractive packaging will attract customers to your brand. As a result, your brand can gain more popularity among the market suppliers. To stand out among the competition and raise your brand awareness profits is not a difficult task. So all you need is to find the best custom boxes company in USA wholesalers that meet your requirements.



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