April 10

4 Easy Ways to Customize Psychologically Attractive Packaging


There are many ways to use psychology in product design, but few are as easy to incorporate as packaging. Here are four easy ways to create psychologically attractive custom packaging: Texture, Shape, and Minimalism. These elements can create a more memorable experience for your customers, and these factors can impact retention, purchase decision, and product perception. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. How does color affect psychological appeal?

Color psychology

Choosing a color scheme can be tricky, but the color of your custom packaging  can affect how consumers feel. Studies show that 62 to 90 percent of consumers’ judgment of a product is based on color alone. Your packaging color should be attractive and represent the message you’re trying to convey. Colors like red or blue can increase a product’s emotional salience and appeal, while light green has a health-promoting effect.

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Color psychology has been studied extensively and is influenced by current culture. Different colors have different emotional resonances, and some products appeal to specific consumer groups more than others. For example, a diffuser that promotes calm should be packaged in soft blue-green packaging, while one that boosts energy should be wrapped in packaging made of vibrant yellow. The same holds for aromatherapy diffusers. For the most effective results, choose colors that evoke feelings of tranquility.


Many small business owners don’t know how to create psychologically attractive packaging. While aesthetics are subjective and vary from person to person, certain common design principles are universal. Consider color, shape, practicality, messaging, and a sense of ownership. These principles can help you design packaging that is both eye-catching and appealing to your audience. In the following article, we will look at some of the most effective ways to customize your packaging.

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Color psychology plays a significant role in the advertising world. The color of your packaging can either attract or repel customers, depending on your target audience. Consider your target demographic and what your customers prefer before selecting a color. Colors can have a magical effect on your customer base, and choosing the right colors for your packaging can help cement the relationship between your brand and its customers. By understanding the psychology behind packaging design, you can choose colors that will appeal to your consumers’ eyes and minds.


One of the essential elements in delivering a marketing message is designing the packaging itself. The custom packaging should have colors that are suitable for the product. As a designer, you should know how different colors affect your target market. Select the colors so that they are not dull or distracting when printed. For this purpose, you can use an online color palette generator tool. Here are some tips to help you design an attractive and memorable package.

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A pleasing texture plays a vital role in influencing customer engagement. Soft-touch coatings and debossing can help you achieve this goal. The tactile effect will keep people engaged longer. This way, they are more likely to buy the product if it has appealing textures. In addition to these features, the surface of the packaging is another important aspect in creating an attractive package. A textured box will create a more pleasurable touch for consumers, encouraging them to make a purchase.


Using subtle color combinations on your own packaging minimalist logo design can make it more appealing to consumers. Men, for example, tend to be more attracted to blue and green than tones of red or pink. Women, meanwhile, like purple and red. Moreover, an excellent masculine brand should be easy to carry and store so that consumers are not put off by its design. Therefore, err on the side of usability rather than attractiveness.

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Considering the psychology of attraction when designing packaging can make a big difference. Specific shapes are subconsciously associated with masculine or feminine attributes, and pointed shapes can be perceived as unappealing or threatening. To create a more attractive package, use the psychology of form and color to match the product. Touch will also entice consumers to pick up the product. packaging shapes will engage their senses and encourage them to pick up the product and explore it more.



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