November 18

10 ideas for Small Business Strategy on Black Friday 2021


Black Friday is a big shopping festival that business owners should not miss, this is a hot trend event, a huge opportunity to make money. If you want to participate in the biggest sales race this year, you need to start doing the things you need to do to increase sales this Black Friday season. Here are  10 ideas for Black Friday 2021 Small Business Strategies you can refer to.

1. Research ideas for the Black Friday sales increase program:

In big shopping events, businesses need to have unique incentive programs and promotions to make an impression on customers. Shop owners should base on habits and consumer behavior in the shopping psychology of customers to create effective online business campaigns.

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Of course, the discount coupon form is always the preferred option. But we also need to diversify forms of promotion to attract customers, not reuse old articles, outdated tricks. Some common forms of retail promotions you can refer to are as follows:

  • Direct discounts on products (usually Black Friday will have a deep discount of 50% or more)
  • Comes with a gift
  • Promotion of certain Bestseller products
  • Discounts, coupons when buying many products (can create combos)
  • Promotions based on loyalty cards,…

2. Pick out the key products to sell during the Black Friday season:

Most of the time at the end of the year, the shopping needs of customers not only increase sharply but always have the same pattern from year to year. Thus, business owners and shop owners can easily track which items sold well this season in previous years. From there, select the key products to do promotions and discounts.

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You can also choose different sales products depending on the type of promotion. If the promotion is in the form of accompanying gifts, the gift products may be goods that are about to expire or products that are difficult to sell or in stock. If the promotion is in the form of a direct discount on the product, you should choose the best seller products of the store.

3. Plan your upcoming Black Friday sales boost:

After you have an idea and select a key product, you need to start planning the implementation of the program. Review your margins and inventory to find the right discounts and customize your promotions. This is an extremely important step because the promotion rules will determine your program’s profit and loss.

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In addition to creating strict program rules, you should pay attention to the viral marketing nature of the promotion rules. A complete plan will give you a simple outline of the work steps and sequence of work. You can also estimate your upcoming expenses and sales during the Back Friday season.

4. Check correct inventory before running Black Friday sales boost:

It is best to complete this step for the promotion to run smoothly. You need to carefully and accurately check inventory figures, especially the products you intend to sell in the program. In addition, you should consider preparing an additional import plan if necessary to serve customers.

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Doing so will avoid disruption to sales if your inventory sells out sooner than expected. It also helps to reduce the risk of customer complaints and dissatisfaction when they do not purchase promotional products.

5. Check or make sure your site can handle the traffic spike:

During Black Friday 2017, 42% of shoppers (over 58 million people estimated) gave up on long queues and jostling at stores. Instead, they visit websites to make online purchases. Make sure your website is ready for heavy traffic and spikes to avoid losing sales from your website.

6. Make sure your store can handle increased demand:

When Black Friday takes place, busyness, even chaos is inevitable in your store. To meet the most customers at that time, increasing the number of employees is a necessary job. At this point, you need to adjust the number of employees to increase or decrease shifts depending on the number of guests at peak hours. You might also consider hiring part-time employees to work on a seasonal basis during the Black Friday season.

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7. Run an ad for the Black Friday promotion:

Promotions but customers do not know, all your preparations will be in vain. You should deploy advertising on online channels and in stores. The more information you advertise, the more attractive your promotions will be and will bring in high revenue. However, it is advisable to weigh the costs and profits to set up an appropriate advertising budget.

Just remember that bids can be more expensive during the competitive holiday season, depending on your niche. You may need to increase your bids for specific keywords or certain audiences. Doing so will increase your ad exposure during that time. Anyway, you should plan and prepare your advertising budget in advance to avoid running a deficit during the campaign.

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8. Build suspense and excitement around your Black Friday show:

Curiosity is one of the most powerful driving forces in human nature… Therefore, you need to build curiosity, suspense, and excitement before Black Friday. Use store posters, newspaper ads, and flyers. Note that you should carefully check the content of the promotion announcement before sending it to official printing.

9. Run the program to increase sales in the Black Friday season:

If your discount program is attractive and the advertising strategy is reasonable, the number of orders will increase suddenly compared to weekdays. To turn this number of orders into a specific revenue increase, it is necessary to control the order and complete the transaction fully, on time, and quickly. Customers who find that the processing time is slow, can cancel the order at any time and switch to a competitor. Therefore, to meet the outstanding number of customers these days, the operation and management of the store need to be optimized and standardized to avoid unfortunate situations.

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10. Cut off percentage of profits donated to charity

Business is sometimes not only for the sole purpose of profit, you should also win the hearts of customers when you make contributions to society. Try a call to buy products with the promise of a percentage of profits donated to charity.

Buyers who think that they have both products to use and contribute money to charity will agree to buy the product. This program also helps to increase your brand awareness significantly.


The above are suggestions for strategies to increase sales successfully Black Friday season. Wishing businesses will have a good and profitable trade in this upcoming Black Friday season. And also do not forget to collect customer information through this sale program to evaluate the sales effectiveness most accurately. Thereby making a premise to prepare for the coming Christmas season.



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